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14 Tips to Get Press With Pitch Email Examples

14 Tips to Get Press With Pitch Email Examples

Many people think that you can get media coverage simply by blasting out a press release to every journalist under the sun. While you can get coverage in this way, it presents problems. In the pitch email examples that follow, experts address three key points:

First, people will begin to ignore your emails if they are not relevant. You want to make sure your emails stand out and the recipients don’t skip over them.

Second, they will be less likely to cover you or your company if they don’t feel special in some way. Reporters like to know that they have some level of exclusivity whenever possible. This could mean early access to a data story or other relevant information when possible (generally, acceptable for private companies and individuals but not for public companies under embargo).

Third, you can’t build relationships with email blasts in the same way you can with personalized pitches to writers, bookers, and others. Also keep in mind that although publishing a press release on the news wire is a good practice, it’s really secondary to the individual pitching you do. With that in mind, we’ve interviewed numerous experts on how they choose to pitch journalists. Take a look at their pitch email examples below.

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9 Ways to Create a Cohesive Culture for Remote Workers

The move towards a remote-first workforce was accelerated during the pandemic lockdowns. Many people were forced into a situation they didn’t know how to navigate. Some organizations adapted well, while others became fragmented. Some time ago, I interviewed Dr. Troy Hall, the author of Cohesion Culture: Proven Principles to Retain Your Top Talent. He’s one of the contributing authors of my book on burnout recovery. The interview, book, and my experience having worked remotely on and off for the past two decades keeps organizational cohesion top of mind for me, and I wanted to know more. So, I asked 9 start-up founders, team builders, and senior-level decision-makers how to create a cohesive culture for remote workers. Their answers are below.

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