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“Back After Burnout” Amazon Best-Seller Shows Great Resignation Isn’t Over

New release ‘Back After Burnout’ bestseller rankings may suggest that The Great Resignation is not over yet.

New York, New York —Back After Burnout” was released on Amazon on June 21, 2023 and became a Best Seller on July 13, 2023. At the time, it earned the #1 Amazon ranking for the Startups category. In addition, it ranked #2 for Entrepreneurship, #4 in Business Development & Entrepreneurship eBooks, #16 in Motivational Self-Help, and #18 in Personal Transformation. It was also the #1 new release in numerous categories at that time.

The publisher, Luminary Tiger is running a promotion for a free e-book on Amazon through Saturday July 22, 2023. On July 19, the e-book became a top-10 download in Startups, Motivational Self-Help, and Personal Transformation.

Author Dennis Consorte stated, “This high degree of interest in ‘Back After Burnout,’ a brand new book on burnout recovery suggests that The Great Resignation isn’t over.” 

Back After Burnout: #1 best seller in Startups, July 13, 2023

People credit Anthony Klotz, a professor of management at University College London’s School of Management, with coining the term, “Great Resignation” in May 2021. It has now been over two years since then, and it appears that many people still haven’t found purpose and meaning in their jobs. The trend was considered to be triggered by the pandemic lockdowns that began around March 2020. According to Dennis Consorte, people were socially isolated, and saw their time as limited due to the pandemic and the government’s response to it. This caused people to question their careers and seek meaning and purpose. But, according to Dennis Consorte, people are still on this journey as there is a high level of interest in burnout recovery.

In “Back After Burnout,” Dennis Consorte tells his burnout story as a small business owner and entrepreneur. He pairs anecdotes with lessons on determining your purpose in life, organizing your time, and building better habits. The text includes models such as Ikigai and the Eisenhower Matrix as part of an overarching framework, “MASHPLAY ™.”

Dennis Consorte said, “MASHPLAY stands for Mindset, Acceptance, Symptoms, Habits, Purpose, Leadership, Accountability, and Yourself. It’s a mashup of several concepts, designed to help you progress beyond burnout and then help others find joy and purpose in work, too.”

In addition to Dennis Consorte’s chapters and workbook exercises, “Back After Burnout” contains unique chapters from four notable psychologists and business experts including Dr. Mark Goulston, MD, Dr. Troy Hall, PhD, Dr. Kevin Hogan, PsyD, and Larry Sharpe.

Dr. Mark Goulston, MD is the author of international bestseller, “Just Listen” and the Co-Founder of the Deep Coaching Institute, a Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches member, a former UCLA professor of psychiatry for over 25 years, and an FBI and police hostage negotiation trainer.

Dr. Kevin Hogan, PsyD has authored 24 books, translated into 46 languages around the world! He is best known for his international best selling book, “The Psychology of Persuasion: How to Persuade Others to Your Way of Thinking.“

Dr. Troy Hall, PhD is the Founder of Cohesion Culture ™, an award-winning talent retention consultant, and an international speaker. He is the author of bestsellers, “Cohesion Culture: Proven Principles to Retain Your Top Talent” and “Fanny Rules: A Mother’s Leadership Lessons That Never Grow Old.”

Larry Sharpe is the Managing Director of the Neo-Sage® Group, Inc., and host of The Sharpe Way Show. He trained and coached hundreds of international entrepreneurs, and executives. He was a US Marine for over six years, ran for Governor of New York, and served as an interim senior executive for Fortune 500 and other companies.

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