How to Gain 1,000 Followers on a Brand New TikTok Profile

It’s the coveted milestone for any TikTok platform: reaching 1,000 followers. By now, there are hundreds of articles and even TikToks that offer advice on how to build the best long-term TikTok marketing strategy. But what if you’re just starting out with a fresh and brand new profile? These six digital marketing experts shared their tips and tricks for how to establish a platform that will have you at 1K followers in no time.

The most effective way to create shareable content is to partake in viral video trends while creating interesting and engaging content for your target audience. It’s best to add 8–10 hashtags to each video so brands can connect with a niche demographic, while also allowing them to find you. All video content doesn’t need to showcase merchandise or promote sales, but it needs to relate directly with the company.

For example, companies can participate in viral TikTok trends as long as they can tie the trend in to align with their company. In doing so, it creates brand personality and allows you to speak to your audience on a friendly level.

Jodi Neuhauser, Ovaterra

Jodi Neuhauser, Ovaterra
Jodi Neuhauser, Ovaterra

Promote Your Videos Outside of TikTok Too

Once you’ve finished creating your video, it’s time to start promoting it so that as many people as possible can see it. You can promote your video by sharing it on social media, emailing it out to friends and family, or even posting about it on TikTok itself. The more people that see your video, the more likely it is to be discovered by new viewers.

Admir Salcinovic, Pricelisto

Offer Viewers the Chance to Interact With You Through Duets

You won’t get very far on TikTok if you don’t follow trends. One of the best methods to showcase your brand’s personality and differentiate it from the competition is through TikTok trends. You can gain more TikTok followers by utilizing these new trends. Of course, not every trend is worth pursuing, but when selecting one to follow, be sure that your target audience is also following it. Do you understand what “cross-pollination” means in marketing? It’s a concept used in social media to describe using one social media account to share content with a larger or newer audience on another account.

You do this by creating duets with other TikTok creators. You can reach a lot of users by sharing your content with another TikTok account. The Duet feature enables you to independently use other people’s videos, offering viewers a chance to interact with your material in unique ways. Making duets and coming up with challenges is a fantastic method to interact more with your audience since your goal is to reach as many people as you can.

Raviraj Hegde, Donorbox

Post Consistently

One way to put yourself out there and get people interested in your content is to consistently post. Doing this means you are carving a niche out for yourself and you’re building viewer trust. No matter the TikTok videos you want to focus on, there are at least 1,000 followers that are interested in the content. Therefore, you should create a realistic content plan to stay consistent in your game.

Simon Bacher, Simya Solutions

Become an Expert Before Creating Content

YouTube and TikTok are all based on algorithms. If you don’t have a clear plan of attack before launching your content, then it’s likely your algorithm will be stuck in neutral and you won’t garner an audience quickly. To avoid this, do your research first. Watch videos on TikTok tutorials, and read blogs on the latest trends. TikTok is all about trends and jumping on one can help blow up your account quickly if you know how to integrate that into your business plan.

If you post a few videos that gain 1–10 views, TikTok will slowly build you up on the algorithm as opposed to jumping on trends with fascinating videos that gain 300–600 views. TikTok will see your profile as a potential profile to boost for exposure so they can generate more ads. With more views comes more followers. It sounds simple, but it’s key. Research TikTok and learn the trends before posting!

Seth Newman, SportingSmiles

Seth Newman, Sportingsmiles
Seth Newman, Sportingsmiles

Use a good mix of trending sounds and original content. The TikTok algorithm is constantly changing, so it’s important to make sure you’re providing a bit of everything. When you’re just starting out, you’ll want to focus your original content on how-to videos, life hacks or other compelling content like that. Getting followers to subscribe is all about showing them that there is a good reason to return to your profile. By using trending sounds to get in front of users’ eyes and using educational content to keep them coming back, you can break 1,000 followers in no time.

Rachel Reid, Subtl Beauty

Rachel Reid, Subtl Beauty
Rachel Reid, Subtl Beauty