Sales presentation tips guaranteed to help you close mroe deals
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8 Sales Presentation Tips Guaranteed to Help You Close More Deals

What is one unique sales presentation tip for something that you should always do to close more deals? We asked sales professionals and CEOs this question for their best tips. From providing positive statistics to portraying confidence, these tips are guaranteed to help you nail your sales pitch and drive more business.
Try these eight sales presentation tips guaranteed to help you close more deals:

Provide Positive Statistics

One effective method to give your brand more credibility as you are giving a sales presentation is to display accurate statistics. For example, suppose you are giving a sales presentation for a skincare brand. In that case, you can say that a certain percentage of your customers see significant improvements in their skin within a month. If this percentage is high, people will remember it. Using quantifiable facts is worth including in your sales presentations because it is a reliable way to describe the power of your products or services.

Drew Sherman, Carvaygo

Make Sure You Pause

It might sound like the cheapest advice ever, but it’s incredibly effective. Sales presentations aren’t about delivering a pitch, they’re about being heard, and understood.
Average salespeople will consistently over-compensate when talking about pricing or dealing with objections. Silence is the one thing that can completely turn the tables in a meeting. It shows confidence and certainty in what you have to offer. 
The worst thing you can do is try to justify your price or go on and on trying to explain some complex argument to deal with an objection. Instead, deliver your best answer, and pause.

Axel Lavergne, Reviewflowz

Sales presentations aren’t about delivering a pitch, they’re about being heard, and understood.—Axel Lavergne, Reviewflowz

Keep It Short and Sweet

Tell an interesting story instead of filling up slides with data and facts. Catch your listeners’ attention by coming up with relatable content that can be translated into a catchy presentation. Do not overpopulate the slides and limit your presentation to more or less 10 slides in total.

Michelle Siy, Oliver Wicks

Create a Puzzle at the Beginning of Your Presentation

When you start your presentation you need a big statement to grab the audience’s attention, often called the “hook.” The best way to do this is to write 4 numbers on the board. Then ask the audience to think about what these numbers may stand for. This does a couple things. It gets their brain focused on the current presentation and it gets them interested in what you have to say. The human mind naturally wants to solve puzzles.

By visually drawing their attention to the board, and asking them to solve the puzzle of what these four numbers may represent, you have created a very powerful attention-getter. These numbers need to represent the problem that they are facing. For example, put the number 92 and the number 2 on the board. Then next to the 92 – draw the percentage sign and write out – “people will walk away from your brand” then by the number 2 write “On the second poor experience” – You have now solved the puzzle and they can let that information sink into their minds.

Shawn Ryan, Techtopia

Use Storytelling

Use storytelling to help your leads relate to your sales pitch. We all yearn to belong. But we prefer to associate with success stories. The more the sales individual’s story is, the more the leads feel endeared to them — and the brands/products they associate with. It’s also helpful to learn about your leads’ likes, dislikes, and ambitions.

Jon Torres, Jon Torres

Boost Sales Through Open Conversations

Introducing new and vibrant products or services can increase sales but most importantly, making them readily available to the domestic markets matters.
In the case of closing more deals, I would say, confidence sells, and for that, an open conversation plays a huge role.

Make it a point to have an open conversation and create a rapport with the customer. A simple question like, “I would like to understand what is holding you back from moving ahead?” can go a long way in not only proceeding with a sale but also to understand the needs and perspectives of your customer and beyond.

Mark Blakey, Autism Parenting Magazine

Wrap It Up With What Customers Gain

Closing your pitch with the solution, not the product, puts the focus on your client rather than your business. Many sales pros spend their entire presentation outlining all the features and benefits of their product or service. However, this is not an effective strategy to close deals as it can overwhelm potential clients with too much detail, leaving them unable to grasp the product’s actual value.

Addressing a prospect’s challenges and goals and relating how your product or service will benefit their business directly will leave more of an impression than the claims you make about your product. When you help potential new clients understand what they gain by doing business with you, they’ll trust they’re making a genuinely informed decision about the solution to their needs.

Chris Gadek, AdQuick

Portray Confidence 

While giving out a sales presentation, everything is under your control. You, being the one in charge, have a lot to offer and act as a turning point in your deal. To stay over others, make sure you are prepared well and confident. Your confidence can create a lot of difference and influence the client’s judgment. Many times, the client looks at the resilience and willpower the person shows and opts to give the deal.

Another way to create domination is to speak more than reading. Your communication skill can set the bar for what the company can offer and what the client can expect from them. Being prepared for your sales presentation and the capability to lead in the right way will impress the other party and make them choose you and close the deal with you.

Agnes Zabawa, Insurancenavy

To stay over others, make sure you are prepared well and confident. Your confidence can create a lot of difference and influence the client’s judgment.—Agnes Zabawa, Insurancenavy