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Back After Burnout

Amazon best-seller (July 2023)

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Main Author: Dennis Consorte

Contributing Authors: Dr. Mark Goulston, Dr. Troy Hall, Larry Sharpe, Kevin Hogan, PsyD

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A Burnout Recovery Book for Entrepreneurs

Burnout didn’t kill me, but if I gave it too much of a chance, it would have. As an entrepreneur, I’ve gone through several periods of burnout and one big one that forced me to reinvent myself completely. I lost my sense of purpose. I was depressed and experienced a complete loss of interest in my work. It affected my mental and physical health, impacted my income, and strained my relationships. In this book, I tell my story, and show you how to overcome burnout, how to find purpose in life again, and how to utilize MASHPLAY™ (Mindset, Acceptance, Symptoms, Habits, Purpose, Leadership, Accountability, and Yourself) and other sustainable frameworks for recovery.

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“A forthright and easy-to-follow resource for longevity and fulfillment on your career path, Back After Burnout is a timely and relatable guidebook. With actionable examples of failing forward and overcoming exhaustion in productive and progressive ways, the book offers concise, practical solutions that entrepreneurs and businesspeople can implement for a successful work-life balance. Low on fluff and repetitive information, this compendium of authors employs accessible and empathetic language, lacing the advice with an assured sense of authenticity and authority.” 

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Back After Burnout is a motivational self-help book written primarily by Dennis Consorte. With a profound understanding of the challenges faced by professionals dealing with burnout, this book offers a comprehensive roadmap to recovery spanning thirty-three chapters.”

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This burnout recovery book has lessons that can help people from all walks of life to get back on track. With that in mind, Back After Burnout is written from the perspective of a married, male entrepreneur who felt deep pain, and came back from it. If your background is similar, you may find that you resonate well with the stories and perspectives it contains.

Back After Burnout

The MASHPLAY™ Framework

Recover sustainably from burnout with the MASHPLAY™ Framework: Mindset, Acceptance, Symptoms, Habits, Purpose, Leadership, Accountability, and Yourself.

Burnout recovery is a journey. There are no quick fixes, but there’s an easy way to remember what to focus on. I call this the MASHPLAY™ Framework; you can apply it to your life even after moving past burnout. MASHPLAY™ stands for Mindset, Acceptance, Symptoms, Habits, Purpose, Leadership, Accountability, and Yourself. Each chapter that follows will relate to this framework while going deep with tools and information to help you with one aspect of your burnout recovery.

“Dennis Consorte’s book Back After Burnout offers a detailed framework for recovering from burnout. His MASHPLAY™ framework addresses various aspects of burnout recovery and prevention, providing a structured path to reclaiming one’s energy, motivation, and joy in work and life.”

—Emily Kesell, Times of Rising

(M) Mindset

The main driver for burnout recovery is a positive mindset. But rather than viewing everything through rose-colored glasses, you focus on amplifying the positive influences in your life. Mindset development begins with knowing yourself and aligning every aspect of your life with your core values. It means that you stop comparing yourself to others and focus on growth. It means shattering the limiting beliefs that get in the way of your success and taking ownership of your life and the outcomes of your thoughts and actions.

(A) Acceptance

Acceptance has many dimensions. First, you must accept that you are burned out and that it is a severe problem. But it also means that you must accept yourself as a complete human being, flaws and all. Once you do that, you can welcome happiness and growth into your life.

(S) Symptoms

In addition to accepting your state of burnout and the life you want, you must get better at identifying the symptoms of burnout, the stressors that amplify those symptoms, and the people in your life who have either a positive or negative impact on your recovery.

(H) Habits

People often don’t accomplish their goals because they don’t put enough emphasis on habit building. Instead, they focus on their goals. You can see this same pattern in physical fitness. I’ve had ups and downs in my weight loss journey because I took drastic measures to achieve my goals. In the end, the weight came back because my lousy eating habits lingered. What I needed to do was build healthy habits. For burnout recovery, you should set goals. But to make them sustainable, you must replace bad habits with good ones.

(P) Purpose

Burnout recovery isn’t just about overcoming your negative feelings about your work. More importantly, you must find purpose in your work if you want long-term healing. You must discover or rediscover your passions in and out of work. It means seeing work as a way to pursue those passions, either on the job or because your work gives you the income and flexibility to pursue your dreams outside the workplace.

(L) Leadership

Leadership applies regardless of the stage you’re at in your career. You will encounter good and bad leaders and must recognize whether their style matches your personality. Then, you must either adapt to work with them, shape them into better leaders, or both. Additionally, you need to grow as a leader, first in how you lead yourself and then in how you lead others. You must overcome bad programming and develop your communication skills so that people want to follow you. It also means that when you recover you pay it forward, create space, and mentor others to grow into leaders themselves.

(A) Accountability

Growth is sustainable when you pair it with accountability. You must be accountable to yourself for getting past your burnout. And you should hold yourself accountable to others. You might have friends, family, coworkers, or a coach who can hold you accountable for achieving your goals. You can also keep yourself accountable, knowing that your success in achieving your goals directly impacts others.

(Y) Yourself

The most critical aspect of burnout recovery is to focus on yourself. Some people describe this as putting your oxygen mask on first or filing your cup before you fill others. Your recovery depends on being just a little selfish about doing what’s in your best interests. Know that when you are better, you will be better for the people around you, too. When people in your life distract you from your recovery, they probably mean well. Still, if the outcome isn’t to move you closer to recovery, you will need to make hard decisions in the short term for a better long-term future.

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