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6/18/2024 What’s the single best piece of investing advice you’ve ever received? (Fortune) “The best investing advice I’ve ever received was to invest in what I know. I used to focus my resources on picks that were hot in the market, only to get burned because I didn’t understand what I was putting my money into.”

4/18/2024 How Are Startup Branding Strategies Evolving? (Entrepreneur) “Soon, many brands will find themselves advertising in virtual and augmented environments.”

4/5/2024 How Can Startups Leverage Social Media for Brand Building? (Entrepreneur) “A proven method of leveraging social media for brand building is to have members of your team join and engage in relevant Facebook groups.”

3/27/2024 An 18-point playbook to combat age discrimination at work (Fast Company, Jen Emmons) “The best way to reduce generational tension is by treating people as individuals rather than according to age-related or other stereotypes. Approach each situation as if everyone intends to bring value, and enjoy learning about their unique perspectives.”

3/13/2024 How Are Editors Using AI in 2024? (Entrepreneur) “I love to use generative AI to help with crafting engaging article titles.”

8/31/2023 Nearly 60% of Americans Dream of Quitting Their Jobs To Become Entrepreneurs, Survey Finds (GoBankingRates, Syndicated to Yahoo FinanceAOLNasdaqMSN, Angela Mae) “Life is about purpose. Often people think they’re unhappy because they’re not making enough money, but the truth is they’re unhappy because their lives don’t feel purposeful.”

7/18/2023 AI Tools Can Help You Job Hunt—And Quit, Severance Pay And Using Emojis At Work (Forbes Careers Newsletter, Emmy Lucas) “Add these books and videos to your to-do list: In Back After Burnout, author Dennis Consorte pulls from his own career and life experiences as well as leadership experts and psychologists to outline the MASHPLAY framework to help workers recover from burnout.”

5/22/2023 The Top Fears and Dangers of Generative AI — and What to Do About Them (Entrepreneur) Here are a few of the biggest reasons people fear generative AI and potential solutions for each.

4/22/2023 12 Clever Ways to Maintain Brand Awareness Throughout the Year (All Business) “A content calendar is a powerful PR tool, and when you layer in the four seasons, it keeps you mindful of changing mindsets, interests, and activities.”

4/17/2023 10 things you should never do as a first-time manager (Fast Company) “Today, my time is more valuable working on what I excel at. But that is grounded in the humility that I will ask no one to do anything that I wouldn’t do myself.”

3/13/2023 Workers worried about a ‘looming recession’ pick up more side hustles (Yahoo Finance, Vera Gibbons) “There’s a cultural shift going on, and this shift toward multiple gigs is an indicator of what’s ahead as we get deeper into recession.”

1/16/2023 How to Outrank AI-Generated Content With Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness (Entrepreneur) You can leverage Google EAT (now, EEAT) and other tactics to outrank AI-generated content, spammers and your competition.

12/2/2021  Companies are pocketing their fattest profits in more than 70 years, even as they complain about inflation  (Business Insider) “Businesses are inflating already inflated prices in order to turn a bigger profit amid people’s fears over uncertain times.”

11/30/2021  More than half of retail businesses are using inflation to price gouge  (”What’s interesting about our findings is that more than half of respondents say that while they used inflation as a reason for price increases, they expect higher profits as a result.”

11/16/2021  The Importance of a Business Web Presence with Dennis Consorte  (52 TV stations) Interviewed by  Andy Hirschfeld . Business Brief is carried on 52 NewsNet TV stations affiliated with ABC, CBS, CW, and FOX, including KTBY Fox 4 Anchorage, CW – WISH-TV Indianapolis, and WLJP/NJNN in NJ with an audience reach of 2.6 million.

11/13/2021  Many remote workers are also working a 2nd job  (WTOP, Jeff Clabaugh) “We need to change our mindsets to one that is more outcome driven and less output driven. And if they can create that value in fewer hours, as long as they are meeting expectations, it shouldn’t be a problem.”  Listen to the Audio Clip Here

11/8/2021  ‘The Great Resignation’ is creating more entrepreneurs, side hustlers, and freelancers  (Yahoo Finance, Vera Gibbons) “Some (companies) are even giving employees ultimatums if they don’t come back, they’re going to get fired. I think this will result in more people reaching their tipping point and throwing their hat into the entrepreneurial ring.”

11/8/2021  Many remote workers are also working a 2nd job  (WTOP, Jeff Clabaugh) “We need to change our mindsets to one that is more outcome driven and less output driven. And if they can create that value in fewer hours, as long as they are meeting expectations, it shouldn’t be a problem.”

10/18/2021  Working remotely? Your boss may still be looking over your shoulder  (WTOP, Jeff Clabaugh) “When you decide to use monitoring software and when you monitor peoples’ behavior, it creates a level of anxiety. It makes a really negative environment because they are not being more productive because they want to be. They are being more productive because they’re fearful of the repercussions.”  Listen to the Audio on WTOP here

10/8/2021  5 Things You Need To Know To Create A Highly Successful E-commerce Business  (Authority Magazine) In this interview and accompanying video, I share some of my background, and several tips for starting and running an ecommerce business. Although some of this touches on KPIs, marketing, and operations, my focus is on helping you to develop a great mindset.

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