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5/22/2023 The Top Fears and Dangers of Generative AI — and What to Do About Them (Entrepreneur) Here are a few of the biggest reasons people fear generative AI and potential solutions for each.

1/16/2023 How to Outrank AI-Generated Content With Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness (Entrepreneur) You can leverage Google EAT (now, EEAT) and other tactics to outrank AI-generated content, spammers and your competition.

11/15/2022 1 in 20 workers will quit if transparency laws reveal they are paid less than co-workers (Resume Builder)

11/15/2022 4 in 10 Asian Americans say affirmative action is racist ( “The debate is over whether equity, rather than equality, is the best way to give historically marginalized groups better access to opportunities like higher education.”

10/17/2022 Level Up Your Publicity Campaign in Just a Few Steps With This Alternative Method (Entrepreneur) How can you get critical media placements amidst all the noise? One way is by crafting and promoting data stories. Here’s how to do it.

10/28/2022 Use data to tell stories that communicate complex information to a broad audience (YouGov, syndicated from Entrepreneur)

10/17/2022 The RTO Battle: 9 in 10 Companies Will Fire Non-Compliers, While Half of Workers Say They’ll Quit if Forced ( “You have to decide on your company culture, and weigh the risks and benefits of bringing people back to the office.”

10/7/2022 1 in 4 Remote Workers Refuse In-Office Mandate (Reli Exchange) “In September, Reli Exchange, a subsidiary of Reliance Global Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: RELI) surveyed 1,000 remote-working Americans. Among those facing a mandate, more than 1 in 4 (25.9%) are refusing to return to the office despite mandates from their employers.”

10/5/2022 Quiet Firing Is the Passive-Aggressive Response to Quiet Quitting — Here’s Why It Fails (Entrepreneur) Don’t use tactics like constructive dismissal to pressure people into leaving your organization. Improve your company culture with these techniques instead.

9/8/2022 1 in 3 managers have responded to ‘quiet quitting’ with ‘quiet firing’ (Resume Builder) To find out how managers view quiet quitting, surveyed 1,000 managers with at least one direct report, in September.

9/1/2022 The 3 Cs of Content Creation That Will Make You Stand Out Online (Entrepreneur, Dennis Consorte) Create the ultimate link magnet to drive your domain authority and rank better.

8/24/2022 Traveling While Working Can Prevent Burnout. Here’s How to Do It Right. (Entrepreneur, Dennis Consorte) If you want to travel while working, your goal should be to maximize enjoyment while minimizing disruptions. Try these tips to plan your next workcation.

8/15/2022 1 in 10 Workers Laid Off in 2022 Plan to Start Their Own Business ( “The right connections will help you to get the right resources for your business, and will open doors to a new career if things don’t work out with your startup.”

6/27/2022 Inflation may force 2 in 3 small businesses to close in 2022 ( “Small businesses have struggled to survive two years of COVID lockdowns. Many of those that made it through are likely to be low on the resources and energy required to now survive the highest levels of inflation in 40 years.”

3/22/2022 51% of small business admit to leaving customer data unsecure ( “Customers trust companies more when there is transparency. If you are the victim of a cyberattack, you need to let your customers know promptly. Tell them what happened, what steps you will take to remedy the problem, and what they need to do to secure their logins, finances, and other personal information.”

3/15/2022 62% of Businesses Moving Toward a 4-Day Workweek ( “The five-day work-week is a remnant of the industrial era. It was a way to reduce people’s shifts from even longer work-weeks, partly for religious reasons. I would argue that it was also due to better technology that required less human activity.”

3/1/2022 1 in 5 Black Americans Find Black History Month Promotions Offensive ( “Intentions and outcomes both matter. The Conscious Capitalism movement centers on four pillars: purpose, culture, stakeholders, and leadership. Within this framework, you can celebrate Black History Month as a company to produce both profits and positive social outcomes.”

1/24/2022 2 in 5 Americans Plan on Starting a Business in 2022 ( “It’s not surprising that retail is at the top of the list. The product is tangible and easy to conceptualize, especially for visually-oriented people,” Consorte says.

11/30/2021 More than half of retail businesses are using inflation to price gouge (”What’s interesting about our findings is that more than half of respondents say that while they used inflation as a reason for price increases, they expect higher profits as a result.”

11/8/2021 How to Keep Your Remote Employees Engaged When Distractions are Everywhere (All Things Work) Don’t fear your inability to measure remote worker outputs in terms of hours worked. Instead, keep them engaged and focus on positive outcomes.

10/23/2021 How to Sustain Your Job as a Remote Worker (All Things Work) “Your anxious boss wants you in the office, but you prefer to work from home. What should you do?”

10/4/2021 6 in 10 employers require monitoring software for remote workers ( “Often when employers see a lift in employee productivity after installing monitoring software, it’s likely due to fear rather than inspiration.”

9/29/2021 How to future-proof your digital marketing career (UX Design) “Some digital marketers are ready to call it quits because machine learning algorithms have virtually eliminated the need for human campaign management on many levels. Others pretend that this reality won’t impact the way that they work. Neither of these positions is sustainable, but there is a path forward for digital marketers. The long journey requires rewiring your brain, but if you succeed, the reward is a lucrative career for many years.”

9/29/2021 The Real Reasons People Want to Work From Home: It’s Not All About Productivity ( “Many businesses can thrive with a remote workforce. Set several short meetings throughout the week to keep people connected, and show them how the work they do matters.”

9/29/2021 How Social Media Affects Us, Drives Economics and Impacts Politics ( “They’ve shortened our attention spans, which sparked the creation of low-attention, instant-gratification platforms like Snapchat and TikTok. But now we’re seeing some social media users turn a complete 180 with the return of live-conversation style platforms like Clubhouse and Greenroom, reminiscent of party phone lines and dial-up chat rooms from the 1990s. Social media continues to evolve. Who knows what’s next?”

9/29/2021 Why are workers quitting? 1/3 are starting their own businesses ( “Many people believe that business ownership means setting your own hours and answering to no one. The truth is that for many business owners, a half-day is twelve hours, every single customer is your boss, and you have to hustle to stay afloat. However, by pursuing a passion, work won’t feel like work, but will instead give you purpose, which is far more valuable than the dollars earned.”

8/26/2021 The Real Reason Workers Want to Stay Remote: 75% Can’t Leave Their Pandemic Pets Behind ( “Include everyone in your vision for a shared objective, and show them that your products and services have an effect on real people’s lives. Do this, and you’ll be way more productive than a company with a culture driven by punching a clock and staying in your lane.”

7/20/2021 Despite pandemic, 1 in 4 small retail businesses still don’t have a website (
“Having a website also allows business owners to capture email addresses or phone numbers, which they can use for inexpensive marketing.”

6/30/2021 How Social Media Connects Us, Drives Economics and Impacts Politics (
Please check out my thoughts throughout this detailed data story on how social media connects us, drives economics and…

6/28/2021 4 in 10 employers will fire workers who won’t return on-site (
1 in 5 employers will allow workers to choose where they want to work
45% of employers say employee productivity decreased while working from home…

4/24/2021 You have a right to share your data (UX Collective)
Our right to privacy preserves our ability to pursue happiness. We own our personal choices, and should be left alone so long as…

2/15/2021 Covid Vaccination Survey & Going Back to Work (
Remote work isn’t for everyone. You need discipline to avoid distractions. An intentional environment helps…

4/29/2014 Web Design with Video Content: Engaging Customers (American Marketing Association)
Learn how to use videos in web design to connect with users in a more informative and meaningful way…

10/15/2013 Tips to Prepare Your Ecommerce Website for Black Friday 2013 (American Marketing Association)
The day after Thanksgiving is one of the busiest shopping days on the calendar. We’re here with some tips to help you…

8/23/2013 LPO: What It Is, How It’s Done, and Why You Need It (Doz) Infographic embedded in an article about landing page optimization

7/31/2013 Google Affiliate Network Merchants: 7 Post-Migration Tips (Feedfront Magazine, Affiliate Summit, Page 7)
If you had your affiliate program on the Google Affiliate Network (GAN), slated for retirement on July 31, hopefully you’ve already migrated to another network. But, what do you do after…

7/25/2013 5 Tips for Staying in Touch with Your Affiliates (Revenews)
As a smart business owner, you’ve established good business relationships with your affiliates, and you know how important it is to…

6/03/2013 How to Design an Effective Infographic (
An effective infographic presents a clear message that is immediate, obvious and visual. Learn how to…

3/28/2013 The Landing Page Optimization Process (Unbounce)
The lesson here? Always be testing (ABT). And make sure you follow the process outlined above – pay particular attention to…

8/14/2012 Online Reputation Management Infographic (Search Engine Journal)
With the advent of social media and online review sites, it is easier than ever for consumers to give praise for their favorite places, products and/or services. It’s hard to imagine that…

7/25/2012 In-House vs Outsourced Affiliate Management: 3 Comparisons (AM Navigator)
Finally, five days ago, another competitor of ours, Consorte Marketing (who, apparently, also offers affiliate program management as a service) has put together an excellent…

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