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4/3/2024 What Advice Do Chief Marketing Officers Give for Managing Marketing Teams? (CMO Times) “As with any team, you need to show them that their work is purposeful and that they are on a growth trajectory.”

3/20/2024 Staying Agile in Content Creation: 18 Lessons from Business Leaders (LightKey) “If you want to stay agile with your content-creation process, add new team members periodically to inject fresh ideas into the system.”

3/7/2024 8 Risks of Investing in Cryptocurrency: What You Need to Know (C-Suite Quarterly) “In the United States, we already receive conflicting information from different regulatory bodies, such as the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the Federal Trade Commission. That makes it hard enough to understand what you can and can’t do.” Note: this is not financial or legal advice, only the opinion of a crypto-enthusiast.

2/23/2024 Practical Tips To Avoid Burnout That Can Help You Achieve Work-Life Balance (Icy Health) One tool I enjoy immensely is Ikigai. This is a Venn diagram with four sections that you populate as follows: what you’re good at, what you love to do, what the world needs, and what you can be paid for. The intersection is your Ikigai.

2/12/2024 12 Tips for Maintaining Brand Awareness Throughout the Year (All Business) “A content calendar is a powerful PR tool, and when you layer in the four seasons, it keeps you mindful of changing mindsets, interests, and activities.”

2/10/2024 10 Most Effective Tips for Emailing Press Releases to Journalists (Muskly) “Make customization the highest priority when emailing press releases to journalists. Start by building a list of the most relevant journalists likely to cover the story. Then, tailor several email subject lines to the recipients.”

2/7/2024 How Do You Tailor E-Learning Content for a Diverse Audience as An Educational Technologist? (EdTech Brief) “One technique is to apply Bloom’s Taxonomy to the content you create. It’s a framework for categorizing educational goals into six categories: knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.”

2/7/2024 Sustainable & Purposeful Startups: 12 Leader Insights (Startup Nation) “The best way to run a purpose-driven startup is by hiring people whose values already align with the company’s.”

2/6/2024 How Does Data Analytics Inform a Public Relations Strategy? (Public Relations Advice) “If you want your publicity to have evergreen qualities rather than one-off hits, then do keyword research and let the data tell you which topics are most viable.”

2/6/2024 How to Answer “Tell Me About Yourself” for College Students (Interview Focus) “Tell a story that explains your “why” and how it aligns with the company’s mission and values.”

2/1/2024 What Innovative Uses of Social Media Can Increase Brand Awareness? (Marketer Magazine) “As the owner of a marketing agency, one of the best ways to use social media to increase my brand awareness is by sharing social-media marketing tips on social media.”

1/29/2024 Using QR Codes in Marketing: A Complete Guide (The Loop Marketing, Elijah Litscher) “I recently had a conversation with a beverage-distribution company that used QR codes in a unique way. They gave away drinks on the sidewalks of major cities and charged advertisers to put their artwork on the packaging.”

1/25/2024 Malware Trends: Predictions and Preparations for the Future (The Cyber Insurance Company) “The greatest threat in emerging malware will be a deeper focus on artificial intelligence.”

1/24/2023 Stress Is No Laughing Matter (Brainz Magazine, Dr. Troy Hall) “For more on reprogramming your mind and building better habits, read Back After Burnout. If you would like to purchase a copy of Back After Burnout, co-authored by Dennis Consorte and Dr. Troy Hall, click here.”

1/12/2024 What Are the Most Common Lies Told by Programmers? (Tech Bullion) “My rule of thumb is to multiply the timeline that a developer gives me by three, to get closer to the actual time it will take to deliver a usable product.”

1/4/2024 Does a skills-based hiring approach reduce employee turnover? (College Recruiter) “While skills are important, aligned values and a desire to succeed are far more important.”

12/30/2023 Navigating Product Placement Trends for Maximum PR Impact (PR On the Go) In “Cast Away” Wilson was a volleyball and Tom Hanks’ only friend. It was a brilliant product placement, as people still watch Cast Away over 20 years after it had been released.

12/28/2023 18 Strategies for Re-Engaging Email Subscribers (American Marketing Association, Phoenix, Adrian James) “People enjoy feeling intelligent and valued for their input, so providing an opportunity to share their opinions can be effective.”

12/22/2023 Exploring Cross-Border Transactions with Digital Currencies (Block Telegraph) “Your first transaction should be for an amount that you would be okay losing if it turns out to be a scam.”

12/10/2023 4 Things Your Business Needs for Success in 2024 (Vegas Cannabis, Veronica Castillo) “People are accustomed to researching businesses and services on the internet. The question isn’t whether you need a website. It’s whether you will survive without one and for how long.”

11/29/2023 How Can I Set Up a Lead Magnet to Collect Leads on My Website? (American Express, Adrian James) “Not everyone is a customer today, but everyone can refer business to you. If you develop your lead magnets well, you can capture sales-qualified leads and referral sources.”

11/25/2023 Nailing the Virtual Interview: 16 Tips and Lessons Learned (VCandidates) “One thing that people neglect during virtual interviews is staging. We focus so much on ourselves—what we wear, what we say, and how we present ourselves. But often, we forget to pay attention to our environments.”

11/3/2023 AI as a Competitive Advantage: Insights From 5 Successful Freelancers (Upwork) “Generative AI can be thought of as a tool to create a rough draft. It’s a huge time-saver when used well. However, keep in mind, search engines can detect generated content, and it often misses nuances that make a piece special.”

10/17/2023 The Art of Successful Networking: 15 Tips from Seasoned Startup Leaders (Startup Nation) “One effective networking technique is to ask for a specific type of related referral for services that your connections need.”

10/10/2023 13 Networking Opportunities that Boosted Business Growth (Disrupt Magazine) “you should listen more than you speak, and good things will come to you.”

10/9/2023 10 Unconventional Lead Generation Strategies (American Marketing Association, Phoenix) “Publishing a book can be an out-of-the-box lead-generation tactic. I used this tactic with the bestselling new release, Back After Burnout, and I also use it with marketing clients.”

10/3/2023 15 Content Writing Techniques that Drive Business Results (LightKey) “Creating content should always involve the What’s In It For Me or WIIFM filter.”

10/3/2023 6 Tips for Creating Audience Engagement at In-Person Networking Events (PowderKeg, Meg Yothment) “If you’re thinking about hosting an in-person tech event, plan to invite people who would pair well in partnerships and client relationships.”

10/3/2023 Measuring the ROI of HR Technology Investments (HCM Technology Report) “Compare your recruiting costs for the year following implementing new HR technology to the year prior to implementation. If those costs decreased significantly, then it’s an indicator that the technology may help keep your employees engaged.”

10/2/2023 How to use social media to drive sales (AZ Big Media) “Whenever someone does click a link to Amazon, they get cookied, and the product appears in their browsing history as a reminder every time they visit the website. Give this method a try for single-product sales on Twitter.”

9/28/2023 18 Proven Outsourcing Tips for Small Business Growth (Small Business Currents) “Whenever you outsource, try to keep a firewall between that resource and your client initially.”

9/25/2023 9 Strategies for Dealing with Difficult Freelance Clients (Upwork) “As you build trust by delivering what they want, start making small suggestions for what you know they need, where you can bring your own skills and experience. Start small, get some wins, and over time, you can win many of them over.”

9/22/2023 How is Technology Changing the Insurance Industry? (Tech Bullion) “InsurTech is a growing industry, and disruptions like this will streamline the process. That means more free time for brokers who can enjoy life instead of working in their businesses so much, and potentially lower insurance costs for customers because of the reduction in overhead.”

9/19/2023 13 Branding Tips for Small Business Success (Small Business Currents) “Whenever I focus on clients that are aligned with my mission and values, I tend to have a lot more fun. I become more excited about the work, do a great job because I care more, and they tend to stay engaged a lot longer.”

9/11/2023 14 Leadership Lessons From Successful Startup Founders (Startup Blogpost) “The best lessons I’ve learned were about striking a balance between leading with authority, leading through inspiration, and letting people lead themselves.”

9/7/2023 How to Learn More About the Team You’d Work for While in an Interview (Interview Focus) “One way to go about this is with the question, ‘If there were one thing you would change about this team, or wished they could do better, what would that be?'”

8/26/2023 20 Examples of How Leaders Overcame Significant Challenges in Their Careers (Lead, Grow, Develop, Elita Torres) “I wrote the Amazon bestseller, Back After Burnout, to share the lessons I learned and a few anecdotes. The major lesson is that your work needs to be purposeful.”

8/21/2023 12 networking strategies that helped land people a job (AZ Big Media) “If you really want to connect with people, you need to show them how you share their values. Of course, this means that you won’t do business with everyone you meet. But it does mean that when you do form connections, they’ll be stronger because they’re value-driven.”

8/18/2023 How to Meet Deadlines and Avoid Burnout as a Freelancer (Fleurish Freelance, Alli Hill) “There are many tools you can use, such as the Eisenhower Matrix of urgency and importance, or time-boxing. Those tools are great, but what matters more is that you’re moving toward your life’s purpose.”

8/18/2023 9 Tips for Managing Stress in the Workplace and Improving Productivity (Beni.fit) “If you’re stressed out at work, it could be that your expectations are too high. Try resetting your goals so that they’re more achievable.”

8/15/2023 7 Workplace Internal Communications Strategies (PrimoStats, Shayla Price) “I noticed that emails were falling through the cracks. So, I hired a few virtual assistants to chase everyone for responses.”

8/10/2023 9 Strategies for Navigating a Career Transition Successfully (vCandidates) “If you’re thinking of transitioning careers, consider a side hustle, and think about how you can still keep your finger in the pie of your current career to make extra money or in case it doesn’t work out.”

7/31/2023 18 Social Media Tactics for Small Business Growth (Small Business Currents) “By recognizing the journalist and the subject matter experts with a simple tag, you increase the likelihood that they will engage with your social media post.”

7/31/2023 17 Valuable Insights Gained From Using Social Media as a Marketing Tool (DIY Marketers, Before It’s News) “Don’t amplify irrelevant content on your social media profiles.”

7/29/2023 13 Personal Growth Goals and Strategies for Success (Lead, Grow, Develop) “I’ve been working on growing my audience, as well as my authority in both marketing and leadership.”

7/27/2023 How to Use Google Ads Keyword Planner: 12 Experts Weigh In (AMA Phoenix) “When using Google Ads Keyword Planner as a marketer, think about where the customer is in the funnel.”

7/23/2023 Creating a Judgement-Free Zone When Communicating About Financial Matters as a Couple (Harris Cash Coach, Annette Harris) “If you must discuss a sensitive topic like financial matters, start by encouraging open dialogue and validating their emotions and experiences.”

7/21/2023 12 Ways to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking (Pursue the Passion) “Instead of diving into a big speaking event immediately, start with more minor, less intimidating situations, like speaking up in small group discussions.”

7/18/2023 11 Essential Elements of An Impressive Resume (vCandidates) “People often include a professional summary at the beginning of their resume. It’s a concise overview of skills, experiences, and qualifications, designed to capture an employer’s attention. It’s not a bad idea but if you want to stand out, then replace it with a personal mission statement.”

7/18/2023 How Can Twitter Help With Public Relations? (Featured.com) “One way to use Twitter for PR is to build relationships with journalists, bloggers, and podcasters so that your content is on their radar.”

7/17/2023 How These 13 Business Leaders Learned From Their Mistakes (Disrupt Magazine) “Either compete on price, or compete on quality, but don’t do both. This is a common problem among new businesses that are desperate to bring in new clients.”

7/14/2023 13 Digital Marketing Trends Companies Should Consider Incorporating (The Nativa, Escha) “Try personalized marketing. It involves tailoring messages, offers, and experiences to individual customers based on their preferences and behaviors.”

7/12/2023 15 Essential Financial Strategies for Startup Success (Grit Daily, Greg Grzesiak) “Keep things lean by working with freelancers and contractors instead of hiring employees. This enables you to throttle your expenses dynamically based on revenues.”

7/10/2023 15 Proven Strategies to Boost Social Media Engagement (Mansell Media) “If you want to increase engagement on your social profiles, then start by engaging others first.”

7/7/2023 Why Are You Passionate About Marketing? (Pursue the Passion) “I am passionate about marketing because it allows me to communicate effectively and persuade others about products or services I believe in.”

7/7/2023 Which Featured Products Should Be Displayed in E-Commerce? (Featured.com) “If you compete on price, then go all-in on finding the lowest-cost products. Set expectations accurately for your customers and make sure your markups are profitable. Similarly, if you compete on quality, then don’t cut corners.”

6/27/2023 What Are the Best Gifts for Mixologists? (Professional Gifter) “Avoid giving a mixologist a book of drink recipes or any other tools of the trade. Instead, give them what they give to others every day.”

6/26/2023 What Makes a Child Intelligent? (Smart Books for Smart Kids) “Determine what a kid’s superpowers are, and you can help them maximize their own kind of intelligence.”

5/27/2023 How Can a Student Take a Virtual Field Trip to London? (Tanglewood Education) ” I use my Meta Quest 2 VR headset to take virtual trips to destinations like London all the time.”

5/26/2023 What are the Most Common Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make in Marketing? (Grit Daily, Greg Grzesiak) “It’s a mistake to please everyone all the time. Instead, pick your target audience and focus on their needs.”

5/22/2023 How to Determine if a Freelance Project is Right for You (Upwork) ” I look for projects that bring me joy and purpose. My goal is to enjoy every minute of every day of my life, so I’m very intentional about the projects I take on.”

5/16/2023 9 Effective Employee Retention Strategies (Talent Culture) “Whenever you’re expanding your team, think about group dynamics. Sometimes when you hire new staff for positions that are similar to others’ roles, members of your team will feel scared. They may assume you’re looking to replace them when that’s not the case.”

5/4/2023 12 Business Leaders on How Role Models Influenced Their Pathway to Leadership (Conscious Capitalism, Arizona) “Over time, I found influencers who had an abundance mindset. I learned that the best deals were those where everybody came away from the table with more.”

5/2/2023 What is one career option for someone who doesn’t hold back on giving honest opinions? (Pursue the Passion) “Many C-Level executives are surrounded by people who are often too afraid to share their disagreements. The outcome is that companies waste time, money, and energy on bad ideas.”

5/1/2023 Tips from influencers for selling on Instagram (GoDaddy) “If you want to sell more products on Instagram, then do a live auction. People will enjoy competing for the winning bid on an item.”

4/28/2023 What Benefits Do Startup Employees Want? (Startup Blogpost) “Startup employees want value that can’t be measured in dollars, which comes in three forms: equity in the company, experience, and contacts.”

4/27/2023 Why Are Trademarks Important for Startups? 12 Answers (Legal Reader) “Investors like to see that you have something that someone else sees as valuable.”

4/21/2023 12 Clever Ways to Maintain Brand Awareness Throughout the Year (AllBusiness) “A content calendar is a powerful PR tool, and when you layer in the four seasons, it keeps you mindful of changing mindsets, interests, and activities.”

4/19/2023 9 Ways HR Can Prepare For Work In The Metaverse (HR.com) “Imagine not just having a whiteboard, but being able to build 3D models in real-time with a few hand gestures to illustrate your ideas.”

4/1/2023 What Are the Challenges of Entrepreneurship? (Disrupt Magazine) “What I’ve learned is that clients just want to see value, and that doesn’t always have a one-to-one relationship with time worked.”

3/29/2023 Q&A: How are freelancers using ChatGPT? (Upwork) “While content creation algorithms will improve, too, that may be a lengthy process. In the immediate term, use ChatGPT for ideation.”

3/27/2023 Bloggy Friends Chime In – Must-Read Books for Entrepreneurs (Famous Ashley Grant) “In contrast, 90-day goals are more intense, and setting a few of them enables you to put deep focus into achieving them.”

3/23/2023 13 Scheduling App Hacks to Help Improve Productivity (American Express) “Program retrospection into your calendar, and spend time sharpening your saw on a regular basis.”

3/15/2023 The Rise of the Decentralized Organization (GoCo) “I’ve worked in a decentralized way for over 20 years. As a digital marketer, I source people from all around the world. This gives me access to a much larger talent pool than those in my local area.”

3/15/2023 Tips on How to Market Yourself as a Health Coach (ISSA Online) “If you’re looking to grow your brand as a health coach, then consider posting health tips on TikTok.”

3/8/2023 Q&A What’s the top problem you face as a freelancer? (Upwork) “The hardest part isn’t doing the job. It’s differentiating yourself from the competition to get the job in the first place.”

3/1/2023 Q&A: How do I get noticed on UpWork? (Upwork) “Make sure you include a strong hook in the first sentence of your bio. “

2/28/2023 Becoming Your Own Boss: Dos & Don’ts, Challenges, Benefits & Other Things Students Should Know (Erudera) “Business ownership will enable this generation of workers to maintain flexibility while exploring their passions in ways they couldn’t previously.”

2/23/2023 Personal Trainer for Seniors: Salary, What You’ll Do, Finding Clients (ISSA Online) “As a fitness trainer, be mindful of people’s physical limitations, age, and fitness levels when you train them.”

2/23/2023 How to Write a Book in a Month (21 Tips for Success) (A Self Guru) “The secret to completing any enormous task is to break it up into smaller increments.”

2/22/2023 17 Insider Tips for Selling Your Course in 2023 (Wise.live, Uttiya) “If you want to sell a course in 2023, start with people who already know, like, and trust you.”

2/22/2023 11 best performance review tips for employees (Zapier) “If you’re preparing for a performance review, start by taking a 360° self-evaluation in advance. Do your best to rate yourself in all aspects of your performance, and make a note of where you perceive yourself as weak.”

2/22/2023 Business Mistakes – We’ve All Made Them (Julie Bee) ” I’m much happier today and much more intentional about the clients I select and serve.”

2/16/2023 17 Tips to Build a Community at Work (Motivosity, Erika Miller) “People want to feel like they are making a valuable contribution to something bigger than themselves.”

2/16/2023 What Google Chrome extensions do entrepreneurs use? (Disrupt Magazine) “With this extension (Colorpick), you can easily grab the HTML color code of a pixel on the screen. It’s a huge time-saver and simplifies the design process.”

2/14/2023 12 Signs Your “Contact Us” Page Needs Updating (Charter Capital) “If you’re getting a lot of spam bot submissions on your “contact us” page, it means that you need to strengthen your website’s security.”

2/13/2023 Are Your New Hires on the Verge of Burnout? Here Are 16 Tips to Keep New Team Members Engaged (NXTThing) “Have frequent check-ins with them to talk about progress, expectations, and challenges.”

2/10/2023 How will the Metaverse affect our everyday lives? (Tech Bullion) “We already experience augmented reality in our device use. It’s just that the augmentation appears on a device that we carry in our pockets. The Metaverse will transform this into an experience that augments our perception of the world seamlessly.”

2/10/2023 How do you get good at talking to strangers? (GuruNet) “If you’re nervous about meeting and talking to strangers, then visualize those conversations first.”

2/9/2023 Are Your New Hires on the Verge of Burnout? Here Are 16 Tips to Keep New Team Members Engaged (NXTThing) “When you hire new team members, it’s critical that you keep them feeling positive about their new role.”

2/9/2023 35+ Experts Reveal the Most Important Video Marketing Metrics to Track (breadnbeyond) “There are many key performance indicators (KPIs) related to video marketing, and those you focus on depend on the stage you’re at in the customer journey.”

2/7/2023 16 Ways to Improve Communication in Your Growing Company (JazzHR) “As your organization grows, messages can get lost easily when inboxes fill up. For this reason, it might be a good idea to institute a ticketing system that captures important emails.”

2/2/2023 How to get out of the psychological effects of Holiday debts (Debt Consolidation Care) “You may not pay down your debt as fast as you’d like, but if you put a system in place, you can reach your goal with time.”

2/1/2023 What are some tips for writing a heartwarming funeral speech? (Heartwarming) “Try honoring someone’s life by structuring your speech as if it were a hero’s journey.”

1/31/2023 Multitasking 101: 20 Strategies to Handle Multiple Projects at Work (Small Business Currents) “Project management platforms help, but many clients can be in the habit of using more traditional methods of communication.”

1/27/2023 14 Common Workout Mistakes and How to Do Better (ISSA) “I try to focus on my own goals and make each day better than the last.”

1/27/2023 How Does One Become a Guru? (Guru.net) “If you want to be a guru, then you need to think ahead about what’s next.

1/19/2023 9 Affiliate Marketing Tips for 2023 by Experts (Dhiren Mulani) “If you’re an affiliate marketer, it helps to build relationships with affiliate program managers. Often, they have the power to negotiate better deals on your behalf.”

1/17/2023 How To Practice Self-Advocacy in the Workplace (Get Phoenix) “Be confident about how you present your needs and frame any support you get as a win-win for all parties involved.”

1/13/2023 What are the best tips for Google Sheets? (Brett Farmiloe) “I run lead gen campaigns on Facebook and Google. Usually, it’s best to import those leads into a CRM or email automation software. However, there are times when you might want to create a spreadsheet of results.”

1/11/2023 Top Chrome Extensions to Increase Your Productivity in 2023 (Jason Moss) “To save time, I use Grammarly. Its suggestions for grammar, style, and tone go far beyond the capabilities of Google Docs alone.”

1/6/2023 15 Sales Closing Techniques, Why They Work, & Real World Examples (Simply Noted) “Try connecting with people based on your shared values. You may not close deals with everyone, but when you come across people who care about the same things that you do, closing with them will be a lot easier.”

1/4/2023 6 promotional event ideas to boost your brand (Zapier) “A client mixer at a holiday party or other event has the benefits of building rapport with existing clients, getting in-person recommendations for prospects, and getting valuable feedback from clients to make my service better.”

1/3/2023 13 Tips for First-Time Managers (Keystone Group) “First-time managers often think that they need to be the smartest, most experienced person in the room. Nothing could be further from the truth. Instead, empower your team to come up with solutions, too. “

12/31/2022 12 Tips for Improving Communication Across the Organization (Keystone Group International) “Create a culture where leaders are trained to give their teams the spotlight. They should encourage other team members to come up with solutions, and when a team member has an alternative to the solution presented by leadership, we should encourage them to speak up.”

12/30/2022 What are some exit interview best practices? (Best of HR) “Ask open-ended questions, instead of leading questions and try to encourage the employee to speak candidly about their experiences and observations.”

12/29/2022 What is your favorite quote about hard work? (Pursue the Passion) “Focus on those things that have been shown to help you progress towards your goals, and ignore tasks that cost a lot of time but produce little measurable value.”

12/29/2022 If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would it be? (Featured.com) “Milton Friedman came from the Chicago School of economics. He was a Nobel Prize winner and an expert in his field. He was known as one of the most influential advocates of free-market capitalism and monetarism, spoke in plain English, and had conversations with people across the political spectrum.”

12/27/2022 How To Name Your LLC: 14 LLC Naming Tips (Startup Blog Post) “Try to find a name for your company where there is an available dot-com variant.”

12/21/2022 What does it mean to pursue happiness (Pursue the Passion) “Happiness is living life according to your values. My core values include volunteerism, vulnerability, acceptance, and resilience.”

12/20/2022 8 Ways to Become The Best Podcast Guest (Podcast Hawk, Stewart Townsend) “If you want to be a great podcast guest, then have several great short stories ready to go. Actively listen for opportunities to tell each of these stories as answers to the questions the host presents to you.”

12/19/2022 Shared vs. VPS Hosting: 8 Key Differences (Startup Blogpost) “VPS accounts require far more maintenance than shared hosting accounts. You or your website administrator will need to keep up with software upgrades, security, and other maintenance tasks that a shared hosting provider might otherwise include.”

12/19/2022 9 Reasons mindlessness matters! (LinkedIn Pulse, ALLE Spontaneous Conversation) “They could socialize with their coworkers and customers while performing these mostly automated tasks, without too much loss in end-result quality.”

12/19/2022 Top 13 Mobile App Ideas for Businesses to Launch in 2023 (UX Matters, Rajat Chauhan) “Augmented reality, which layers virtual objects and other content on top of real-world spaces, is continuing to open up huge opportunities for new mobile-app experiences.”

12/19/2022 Buying an Engagement Ring? Here are 16 Pieces of Advice (briteco, Dustin Lemick) “When you’re ready to buy an engagement ring, ask for referrals from your friends.”

12/15/2022 Advertising and marketing execs share what they will be focusing on with their clients in 2023 (AZ big Media) “On the investor relations side, a lot of vendors are using platforms like Discord and Telegram to create such communities. People like real-time communications and access to other stakeholders.”

12/12/2022 Corporate Profits the Inflation Culprit? (Popular Economics, Harlan Green) “More than half of respondents say that while they used inflation as a reason for price increases, they expect higher profits as a result.”

12/6/2022 16 Trends to Consider in Your 2023 Marketing Plan (Prism Global Marketing Solutions) “Today, you can find your web3 base of customers on platforms like Discord, Twitter, and Telegram.”

12/6/2022 2023 SEO Trends and Predictions (SEO London) “The best way I’ve found for written content to stand out is to build stories around data. People love learning factoids they can share with their friends.”

12/2/2022 9 Reasons to Register Your Trademark (Blythe Grace) “What is often overlooked is the way that IP rights can increase the valuation of your company.”

11/30/2022 A No Nonsense Guide To Building An Effective B2B Content Marketing Strategy (RevenueZen, Robert Guthrie) “You need to produce great content or pitch a story to a writer that’s relevant and engaging.”

11/29/2022 Market Reaction: Crypto Crisis 2022 – Where Is the End? (Fintech Zoom, Yuuma Nakamura) “You should always seek the advice of a financial professional rather than relying on layperson opinions like this on the internet. Warren Buffett said to be ‘fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.’ The price of Bitcoin tanked, and it may fall even further. When that happens, I see it as a buying opportunity.”

11/28/2022 How Personal Brand Applies In The Job Search Process (Career Connectors) “You don’t have to share everything in an interview. But, you also shouldn’t pretend to be someone you’re not.”

11/24/2022 Top B2B Marketing Strategies for 2022 (Ryan Draving) “You should assume that when someone does connect with you on LinkedIn, they’ll also Google you to get a better sense of what you’ve done, and who you are.”

11/23/2022 How To Manage A Content Production Workflow (10 Experts Weigh In) (Editor Ninja, John Doherty) “Many companies make the mistake of putting content ideation, creation, editing, and publishing in the hands of just one or two people. Don’t do that.”

11/23/2022 15 Best AI Copywriting Software Tools in 2023 (A Self Guru, Amira) “There are lots of copywriting software available, and yet I always return to Google Docs. The reason is that it makes collaboration easy, compared to everything else I’ve tried.”

11/22/2022 13 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Customer Acquisition Cost (AMA Phoenix, Adrian James) “If you want to maintain a healthy customer acquisition cost, then start by replacing and removing underperforming ads.”

11/22/2022 Startup Founder: Where to Focus your Time (Full Send Finance, Roman) “If you know your core values, you can shape all of your decisions around them. These values will determine which customers you want to serve, with what products and services.”

11/22/2022 Why Setting Up a Website for your Bakery Business is So Important in 2023 (Plastic Container City) “The question isn’t if your business needs a website, reports Dennis Consorte, but how long you can survive without one.”

11/20/2022 How do I get my product on Good Morning America? (Featured.com) “See if you can directly connect with several people who work there, and build relationships.”

11/18/2022 United States Real Estate Market Outlook (NY Editorial) “Landlords will need to fill those spaces, and the most logical solution is by converting much of it into residential units.”

11/17/2022 How to tackle brain teaser questions in an internship interview (Interview Focus) “Putting the problem on paper will make it easier for you to come up with your answer, and it also shows that you can use several modalities in solving a problem.”

11/17/2022 10 Things to Look for When Recruiting Creative People (SCIQI) “While quality is extremely important, it needs to be balanced with on-time delivery. A creative person that can balance quality and speed is a keeper.”

11/16/2022 7 Tips to Help Small Businesses Avoid Employee Layoffs in 2023 (GoCo, Nick Schurk) “Thank people for their work and be authentic. Do it publicly, too, not just one-on-one where no one’s listening.”

11/11/2022 10 Benefits of Public Relations For Local Businesses (Mansell Media) “With a PR campaign, you can establish trust in your brand because you’re leveraging the trust people have in the publications and media outlets that talk about you.”

11/11/2022 9 Ways Google Sheets Will Supercharge Your Project Management Process (SENACEA, Michael Sena) “One way to use Google Sheets for project management is by tracking projects and deliverables. Use a single document and create a new tab for each of your projects.”

11/10/2022 The Importance of Mental Health Programs for Your Employees (Balm.ai, Nonyelim Okolie) “On the employee side, it means they can address the issue while it is still manageable.”

11/10/2022 7 Things We’ve Learned from Top Product Marketers (AMA Phoenix, Adrian James) “To rise through the ranks of product marketing, you need skills beyond the scope of your job. The most important skill stack today is in digital marketing.”

11/7/2022 Podcast Sponsorships vs. Podcast Guesting: 8 Benefits to Compare These Alternatives (Podcast Hawk, Stewart Townsend) “Podcast guesting is great, but you’re ‌limited to one or two episodes per show. With sponsorships, you can negotiate deals with many podcasters to promote your company in every episode for a period of time.”

11/6/2022 What is the most important thing to grow a business? (Featured.com) “If you want to grow your business, you need a positive, yet realistic mindset.”

11/5/2022 5 Websites like Fast Company (Fastcompany.com) (Solution Suggest, Brett Farmiloe) “What I love about Entrepreneur.com is that they are accessible to new voices in the startup community.”

11/5/2022 14 Ways You Can Make Money With a Small Email List (DIY Marketers) “The best way to monetize any list is through segmentation, no matter the size.”

11/4/2022 Podcast Sponsorships vs. Podcast Guesting: 8 Benefits to Compare These Alternatives (Podcast Hawk, Stewart Townsend) “Podcast guesting is great, but you’re ‌limited to one or two episodes per show. With sponsorships, you can negotiate deals with many podcasters to promote your company in every episode for a period of time.”

10/31/2022 6 Tips to Make Yourself Marketable on Social Media (The Good in U / Magnifiu, Calvin Miller) “If you want to market yourself as a social media content creator, then become an expert in a niche… While the audience will be smaller, you will be the big fish in a small pond.”

10/28/2022 50 Core Values Examples to Help You Build a Strong Company Culture (ClickUp, Leila Cruz) “Our core values of hope, community, empowerment, and transformation make this success much more likely to happen.”

10/27/2022 8 Things to Know Before Raising Startup Capital (allBusiness, Brett Farmiloe) “Three attributes to consider are industry, stage of growth, and community. Narrow down your search by focusing on investors who have already backed companies in your industry.”

10/27/2022 12 Elevator Pitch Examples From Startups Around The World (Startup Blog Post) “Success for my target market is much more meaningful to me than a paycheck, and much bigger than their organization.”

10/27/2022 Top 11 Best Side Hustles You Can Do From Home (The Good in U / Magnifiu, Calvin Miller) “Include all of the nuances of your hobby that might otherwise take a lot of research to put together, and aggregate them in your course.”

10/26/2022 How to ask for mentorship at work (without sounding weird) (Together Platform, Nick Saraev) “If they find the time as rewarding as you do, then you’ll naturally fall into a mentor-mentee relationship.”

10/25/2022 46% Of Leaders Are “Very” Likely To Fire Workers Who Refuse Returning To The Office “You have to decide on your company culture, and weigh the risks and benefits of bringing people back to the office.”

10/19/2022 What does Gen Z really want from their workplace? (beni.fit) “One of the greatest problems that many Zoomers face is the reduction of a tremendous amount of student debt.”

10/17/2022 How 18 Leaders Are Reskilling & Upskilling Their Workforce (HR.com, Brett Farmiloe) “When I want to upskill my team, I hire consultants to train and work alongside them on specific projects. Everything is transparent so that the consultant understands that their role is to improve my staff.”

10/14/2022 8 Tools You Need In Your Marketing Tech Stack (Erica Rae) “One great, free tool in my martech stack is the Moz toolbar. You can download and install it for free. Then, whenever you visit a website with the toolbar activated, you’ll immediately get a sense of their domain authority, traffic, and value.”

10/7/2022 14 tips for hiring your next developer (Arizona Technology Council) “If you’re a tech startup looking to build your developer team, start by hiring a full-stack developer… Once they are installed and acclimated to your systems, it’s time to hire specialists.”

10/6/2022 Need to Stretch That Event Budget? Here Are 9 Creative Ways to Do More with Less (Goldcast, Belinda Joseph & Meisha Bochicchio) “try bartering for the things you need for a successful event or look for sponsors who can provide gifts for your swag bags.”

10/5/2022 Going ‘rogue’: Researchers discover viral trend in global marketing (Phys.org) My photograph of Larry Sharpe signing a White Claw sign at SXSW was the featured image. I thought it was cool.

9/29/2022 6 important skills to look for when hiring a freelance writer (Erica Rae) “The goal is to produce content in the voice of the company or subject matter expert whose name appears on the work.”

9/19/2022 8 Startup Financial Lessons Learned (Full Send Finance, Roman Villard, CPA) “Delegate Day-to-Day Operations to Free You to Focus on Growth”

9/9/2022 12 Decision-Making Strengths and Blind Spots from Startup Leaders (Startup Blogpost) Learn to apply empathy to data-driven business decisions.

9/6/2022 How to get your brand’s online content to stand out from the crowd (African Marketing Confederation) “People think in stories, so frame your content in this way to make it more engaging. If that doesn’t work, then inject one or two anecdotes into your copy.”

9/1/2022 Airbnb Hacks for Hosts: Inspiring Ideas From Vacation Rental Owners (BnB Magician) “Avoid all the overhead associated with creating listings, communicating with renters, hiring cleaning services, and everything else that goes along with putting your space up for rent.”

8/29/2022 How can a job candidate make a lasting impression and stand out during a mass hiring process? (vCandidates) “If you send a resume and cover letter, include a link to a one- to two-minute video where you introduce yourself to the hiring manager. Personalize this so they know you have genuine interest in the company and position.”

8/27/2022 How They Got Into Podcasting (Starting to Know) “I felt terrible when I couldn’t help good people, and I wanted to do more. So, the podcast gives me a place where I can aggregate great advice for this audience.”

8/26/2022 12 Skills Digital Marketing Companies Must Have from Graduates (Stukent) “If they use a lot of “I” language and not much “we” language, it could be a red flag. If they blame others for their failures, it’s also a red flag.”

8/25/2022 8 Techniques to Perfect Your Pitch and Win Over Investors (Startup Blogpost) Never Send a Deck Before Your Face-to-Face Pitch “Instead of the deck, send them a one-pager that outlines some of the key benefits of your project. Then, go the extra mile and send them a two-minute video where you passionately describe the benefits of your project.”

8/23/2022 15 Easy Ways to Generate Leads on YouTube (DIY Marketers, Ivana Taylor) “Youtube video ads are great for lead generation. The key is to target channels, topics, and audiences that are most aligned with your product or service.”

8/22/2022 10 Ways to Get Your First Freelance Client (Fleurish Freelance, Alli Hill) “I was extremely grateful for that gig, which encouraged me to expand my knowledge and to eventually go full-time with a company of my own.”

8/16/2022 1 in 10 laid-off workers plan to start their own business, despite high inflation: report (Tech Startup, Nickie Louise) “Pay attention to industry trends, the customer experience in different retail shops and online, and what you like or don’t like about competitor products.”

8/16/2022 10 Mistakes Founders Make When Pitching to Investors (And How to Avoid Them!) (Adamant Ventures) “Start with a story that conveys your ‘why’, and you’ll get your investors into an emotional state that makes them more receptive to the rest of the information you want to share.”

8/12/2022 6 Professional Development Ideas for Freelancers (Fleurish Freelance, Alli Hill) “I joined Toastmasters and practiced presenting multiple times per month. I learned how to structure speeches, how not to rely on written scripts, and how to move forward when I missed important points.”

8/10/2022 6 Best Content Marketing Strategies For New Authors (Smart Books for Smart Kids) “Authors have a special advantage in that they can easily build an audience of potential readers. One great way to do this is by using a website like Goodreads.”

8/4/2022 12 Best Ways To Understand Content Marketing (Brett Farmiloe) “Content marketing is about findability and engagement… Once people have discovered your content, you need to hook them in so that they keep coming back.”

7/29/2022 Top B2B Marketing Strategies for 2022 (Ryan Draving) “You should assume that when someone does connect with you on LinkedIn, they’ll also Google you to get a better sense of what you’ve done, and who you are.”

7/26/2022 What Are Career Options for Highly Sensitive People (HSP)? (Pursue the Passion) “Explore a career path in public relations or publicity… You’ll sense when people are ready to attack, or when an idea is about to go viral before other people have a clue.”

7/17/2022 Urgent warning for PC users as bosses ‘SPY’ on employees – three ways workers are being TRACKED and how to know (The Sun, Leah Chiappino) “As an employer, you could try blocking social media websites and prohibiting text messages and other personal communications, but people will always find a way around your rules.”

7/8/2022 11 Resources To Help Rural Entrepreneurs Succeed (SCORE, Brett Farmiloe) “Start by Googling your county’s name, plus “economic development organization.” A few listings may come up as sources for loans, grants, and other programs designed to drive new businesses and jobs to the area.”

7/1/2022 11 Entry-Level Jobs for Business Majors (Jobs in the US) “If you’re having trouble finding a job as a business major, then try starting out as an Admissions Coordinator for your school, or at another nearby college or university.”

7/1/2022 How To Deal With Co-Workers That Don’t Like You (Blythe | Grace) “A summary of one of Sun Tzu’s most famous quotes is, “keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” When you must deal with co-workers that dislike you, get close to them. This will be difficult at first, so start slow.”

6/23/2022 HR Checklist for Startups: 15 Things Founders Need (Startup Blogpost) “Get a feel for each person’s level of happiness, as well as the overall employee sentiment. Then, make adjustments to ensure that people stay motivated, engaged, and happy.”

6/7/2022 Long vs. short-term partnership with influencers: expert’s experience (Hypetrain) “The longer you work with influencers, the better they understand your brand and how to present it to their audiences for the best possible engagement.”

6/6/2022 Pride Month Marketing Needs To Go Deeper (PR Pioneer, Martin Brieger) “Use it as a reminder that your company has the power to elevate the voices of gender and sexual minorities beyond June and throughout the rest of the year.

6/4/2022 How to be hot, in both ways (Rome News Tribune, Monica Sheppard) “It’s best to focus on those things that are within your control to get the positive outcomes you want.”

5/25/2022 10 Ways To Develop Better Critical Thinking Habits (HelpSquad, Brett Farmiloe) “A great critical thinking exercise is to develop the best possible argument in favor of something with which you disagree.”

5/22/2022 What’s one way a company can recognize and celebrate Juneteenth? (A. Harris Financial Coaching, Annette Harris) “A company can commemorate Juneteenth by launching a team-building event, where everyone is tasked with researching and presenting one fact related to the emancipation of enslaved African Americans.”

5/18/2022 How To Start an Online Store Without Inventory: 8 Tips (Featured.com) “…reach out to creators on Etsy. You can find unique items that aren’t sold on many platforms, and sell them in your shop.”

5/13/2022 7 Stay Interviews Best Practices (Best of HR) “If you really value an employee and believe that they are a long term asset, then focus on the emotional benefits of staying with your company.”

5/10/2022 How Do You Ask For A Second Chance At Work? (Best of HR) “Be transparent and let them know that you’re aware that your performance has not been satisfactory lately. Offer a proposal for achievable outcomes within a specific timeframe.”

5/4/2022 What is one tip for a job candidate when negotiating a salary counter offer? (Interview Focus) “Whenever you are in a negotiation, you have to be prepared to walk away from the deal. Otherwise, you could get pushed into accepting a job offer that isn’t ideal.”

5/4/2022 What Is One Way To Improve Your Interviewing Skills? (Best of HR) “Pay attention to the body language of your interviewer. Watch their eye movements, hand gestures, and other movements that may signal an emotional response to your answers.”

5/3/2022 Is A Four-Day Workweek Inevitable? (CE Pro) any company can make the transition if they “focus on the value people create, rather than the hours they work.”

5/3/2022 10 Tips for Creating an Effective Content Strategy (Blaff Digital, Brian Laffey) “If you want to get noticed in your community, then work with other local businesses to create shared content.”

5/2/2022 The 10 Top Challenges For Hiring in The Great Resignation (Talentify) “Time is far more valuable than money, and as workers realized this, many of them quit their jobs.”

5/1/2022 How To Start a Lead Generation Business: 9 Strategies (Featured.com) “Facebook and Google both have ad formats that allow you to collect quality leads directly on each platform, instead of driving people to a landing page.”

4/30/2022 10 Best Ways To Learn About Other Cultures (Best of HR) “One of the best ways to learn about different cultures is by visiting local ethnic communities and talking to people.”

4/29/2022 More Businesses Are Moving Toward A Four-Day Work Week (Work Design Magazine, Emma Ascott) “I don’t understand why the government of California needs to control the length of the work week. Employers and workers should be free to negotiate whatever terms they both agree to, in terms of compensation, days worked, and other factors.”

4/28/2022 What Is Cryptocurrency’s Role In The Future Of Work? (Work 2.0) “Let your workers choose how they want to be paid and you’ll attract people with a variety of preferences. Also, consider offering your employees benefits like access to bitcoin-backed IRAs which may offer certain tax advantages.”

4/28/2022 What is one easy way any small business leader can make an impact on the world? (Benefit Corporations for Good) “Model the behavior that you believe will make a positive impact on the world, and be genuine and nonjudgmental. This is much more persuasive than trying to compel people to do the same.”

4/28/2022 10 Freelance Marketing Tips to Help You Get More Clients (Freelance Speak, Alli Hill) “If you’re new and don’t have client work to show, then create some personal projects and show those.”

4/27/2022 11 Tips To Get Started Advertising on TikTok (Wizve) “If you don’t capture their attention in the first two seconds, then expect them to swipe to the next video. So, drop a compelling hook, and then do some great storytelling.”

4/26/2022 What is one question a candidate should ask in an informational interview? (Interview Focus) “A powerful persuasion technique is to get someone to visualize the outcome you want. Ask your prospective employer something like, ‘If you were to see me doing this job effectively tomorrow, what would that look like?'”

4/25/2022 62% Of Businesses Are Moving Toward A Four-Day Work Week, And California Proposes A Bill (Emma Ascott, Allwork) “Practically any business can make the shift towards a shorter work-week. Focus on the value that people create, rather than the hours that they work. If you’ve got engaged workers who deliver value, then it doesn’t matter how many hours they work, when they work, or where they work.” (NOTE: I’m all for workers & companies agreeing on flexible terms, and against government mandates to force those terms of employment)

4/22/2022 How Can Someone Become More Unnoticeable? (Pursue the Passion) “Wear muted colors and minimize the touristy objects you carry with you. Plan your walk ahead of time so you rely less on your map.”

4/21/2022 8 Ideas For Getting a Bad Employee To Quit (Blythe | Grace) “Poor performance is often an indicator that an employee is unhappy, burned out, or otherwise unsatisfied with their work experience.”

4/20/2022 11 Examples of Higher Purpose in Business (Conscious Capitalism, Arizona Chapter) “I believe that successful small businesses and entrepreneurs give people hope, and that’s something we really need today. Hopeful people tend to be happier than people who feel stagnant. They in turn inspire others, and are more accepting of people regardless of their shortcomings.”

4/14/2022 13 Ways To Improve Local SEO Results (Markitors) “Start with some blog posts on your website, where you report on what your business and other small businesses are doing to contribute to your community.”

4/1/2022 Is a HARO Subscription Worth It? 9 HARO Reviews & Experiences (Featured.com) “HARO is great if you can reply to journalist queries very quickly. As soon as you receive notifications, you should be crafting and submitting your responses for the best chance at success.”

3/29/2022 SMBs Lack Cyber Protection, Many Think They’re Too Small To Need It, Study Finds (MediaPost, Ray Schultz) Dennis Consorte says: “Customer data is valuable, and bad actors will stop at nothing to get it. In fact, they may target SMBs because they have less budget for protecting their customers’ information and are therefore softer targets.”

3/27/2022 Study: SMBs At Risk For Cyberattacks (Biz Report, Kristina Knight) “Companies of all sizes should take cybersecurity seriously,” said Dennis Consorte, a small business consultant.

3/22/2022 10 Creative Virtual Assistant Jobs With No Experience (Westfield Creative) Clients will pay you to do this on their behalf, to help them drive engagement on their own profiles.

3/18/2022 Who’s profiting from the cost of living crisis? Right now, it’s big business owners (The Guardian, Christine Berry) – link only: In one survey, more than half of retailers admitted to raising prices by more than their increase in costs – with larger firms most likely to be doing so.

3/15/2022 How will $15 Minimum Wage Affect Small Businesses? (Featured.com) “A better approach to this problem is to provide new workers with more tools to enter the workforce, and old workers with incentives to upskill and grow in their careers.”

3/9/2022 Is Black History Month marketing offensive? (Yahoo, Maiysha Kai) – link only – A survey of 1,300 Black Americans found many feel the answer is the latter; one in five respondents said they find Black History Month marketing offensive, causing them to question the motives of brands that participate in them, reports Digital.com.

3/4/2022 Bossware: 14% Of Remote Employees Are Unaware They’re Being Monitored (Allwork.Space, Emma Ascott) “Often when employers see a lift in employee productivity after installing monitoring software, it’s likely due to fear rather than inspiration.”

3/1/2022 Employee Appreciation Day is Coming: Are You Prepared? (Huntsville Business Journal, Dawn Suiter) “If your workers are in the office, host events where you give credit to individual members of your team for specific achievements.”

2/20/2022 Why the White House stopped telling the truth about inflation and corporate power (The Guardian, Robert Reich) – link only, “In a recent survey, almost 60% of large retailers say inflation has given them the ability to raise prices beyond what’s required to offset higher costs.”

2/9/2022 How ‘Great Resigners’ are supporting themselves while they pursue their next career (Digiday Work Life, Denny Alfonso) “Many of them tapped into their retirement savings to explore new businesses because the lockdowns showed us that a life without purpose is not a life well-lived.”

1/26/2022 Startup Boom May Just Be Beginning (Grit Daily, Graeme Thickins) “Business ownership can give you the flexibility to pursue what matters to you in a way you believe will be most meaningful and impactful.”

12/6/2021 Retailers Raising Prices Higher Than Costs Dictate (Multichannel Merchant, Mike O’Brien) “You have to figure out a way to build a community, where customers feel a part of it and will shop with you even if they have other choices that are less expensive.”

11/15/2021 Recognizing Employee Achievement (NOLN, Noah Brown) “You want to give people public recognition for the good work they do in front of the rest of the team.”

9/23/2021 Oracle Turns to AI to Automate Digital Marketing With Fusion Marketing (Web Pro News, Matt Milano) “Machine learning algorithms are integral to digital marketing and that will only increase over time. The best digital marketers have embraced this fact, and have already shifted their focus towards more human-first activities. Machines are better at crunching numbers and making data-driven decisions. But they still need humans to decide what data to feed into those systems. This comes from understanding human behavior, a deep sense of empathy, and expert-level storytelling that are hard to replicate through AI.”

9/21/2021 More companies say goodbye to the office as COVID rages and remote work gains acceptance (USA Today)- “The lockdowns have only accelerated what already has been happening for years,” says Dennis Consorte, a small business consultant for Digital.com. “We have been moving toward remote working for decades.”

9/15/2021 Some Older Workers Switched Jobs During the Pandemic (AARP) “Older founders tend to be more successful, based on their years of experience.”

9/15/2021 Survey: 7 in 10 businesses shut down office spaces (BizReport) “Despite the paradigm shift towards a remote workforce, most employers still feel there are benefits to having employees working in-person.”

9/13/2021 Experts Tell us the Best CRM Software For Small Business (Welp Magazine)

9/7/2021 The Role of the Marketer: 4 of the most important jobs a marketer can do (with real examples and data) (Marketing Sherpa)
“Use an automated tool to aggregate new reviews and social mentions so that you can address them promptly.”

9/03/2021 Survey: 32% of people quit jobs during pandemic to start a business (UCB Journal)
“Perhaps the most impactful change is that many people are rethinking their career paths and reimagining what it means to achieve financial freedom and break the cycle of living paycheck-to-paycheck.”

9/02/2021 Digital.Com Survey Finds 32% Of People Quit Their Jobs During The Pandemic To Start A Business (About Insider)
“The pandemic forced us to quickly adapt to new technology as well as virtual work and social activities.”

8/22/2021 The Real Reasons Workers Want to Stay Remote? Pets, Naps, and TV (MI Tech News)
“More people are starting to realize that there’s tremendous value in having the flexibility to work remotely.”

8/16/2021 Even After Coronavirus, a Quarter of Small Businesses without a Website (Ecom Hunt)
“Online shopping is more convenient than in-store shopping, and the old ways of doing business are declining. People are accustomed to researching businesses and services on the internet. The question isn’t whether you need a website. It’s whether you will survive without one and for how long.”

8/11/2021 Digital.com survey 23% of small retailers do not have a website (Enterprise Times)
“There is an overwhelming amount of data that shows consumers spend a lot of time online. They will typically start their search for a product or service over the internet.”

08/04/2021 Small businesses struggle to launch websites, according to report (InformNNY)
“Any business that operates solely offline will miss the opportunity to attract new customers and build loyalty with existing customers who are looking for more convenience.”

7/08/2021 Small businesses urge return to in-person work (CSCMP’s Supply Chain Quarterly)
One critical takeaway from this survey is that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to post-pandemic workplace strategies…

7/08/2021 Many employees want to work remotely forever but some business owners will fire those who try (Inter-Empresarial)
COVID-19 lockdowns didn’t create the transfer in the direction of a distant workforce — it simply accelerated the inevitable…

7/08/2021 Small businesses urge return to in-person work (DC Velocity)
One critical takeaway from this survey is that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to post-pandemic workplace strategies…

7/07/2021 Many employees want to work remotely forever but some business owners will fire those who try (Mass Live)
Resistance to some kind of remote work offering may hurt businesses in the future, said Digital’s small business expert, Dennis Consorte

7/07/2021 Survey: Almost half of business owners say remote work hurts productivity (Business Report)
Companies that focus on physical location and hours worked will be behind the curve…

7/07/2021 4 out of 10 employers will fire employees for not returning to office, survey says (Newsday)
It’s true that in-person, human interaction has tremendous value for certain types of teams, but that’s old-school thinking. Remote work is just an extension of this existing trend, and companies that are stuck in an old mindset will be left behind.

7/07/2021 More Workers Want to Stay Home (Sentinel Source)
Work-from-home rewards workers with hundreds of more hours of personal time each year, making for a better…

7/07/2021 Many employees want to work remotely forever. Some business owners will fire those who try (Biz Journals)
While 39% of business owners said they would fire employees who refused to return to work full time, about 39% said they would not…

7/07/2021 Survey: Almost half of business owners say remote work hurts productivity (Business Report)
Employees working from home isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be say business owners who argue productivity is taking a hit…

7/07/2021 Survey: Nearly Half of Business Owners Say Remote Work Is Hurting Productivity (Influencer Style)
With employees working remotely, business owners say productivity is taking a hit…

7/07/2021 Nearly half of entrepreneurs say remote work damages productivity (newszf.com)
Companies that focus on physical location and hours worked will be behind the curve…

7/6/2021 4 out of 10 employers will fire employees for not returning to office, survey says (Baltimore Sun)
50% of employees said most workers worked on-site full-time, 18% had a hybrid schedule for in-person/remote working. 38% said they had a primarily remote workforce and, as such, were eliminated from the rest of the survey.

7/6/2021 Survey: 4 in 10 small businesses will fire employees who refuse to return to office (SalesGround)
“Companies that focus on physical location and hours worked will be left behind,” said Dennis Consorte, the small business expert at Digital.com, in the survey results. “Otherwise, their most valued employees will look elsewhere for remote opportunities.”

7/6/2021 4 out of 10 employers will fire employees for not returning to office, survey says (NY Daily News)
Consorte believes the pandemic didn’t bring about the shift to remote work since it sped up the inevitable. He also thinks the move will cause small businesses to lose out on valued employees who “may seek out remote opportunities elsewhere.”

7/6/2021 4 out of 10 employers will fire employees for not returning to office, survey says (Orlando Sentinel)
…But, one expert is pushing back. “It’s true that in-person, human interaction has tremendous value for certain types of teams…but that’s old-school thinking. Remote work is just an extension of this existing trend, and companies that are stuck in an old mindset will be left behind,” said Digital’s small business expert Dennis Consorte.

7/6/2021 Digital.com Survey finds 4 in 10 employers will fire workers who won’t return on-site (Boston Real Estate Times)
Digital.com, an independent review website for small business online tools, products, and services, has published a recent survey report on how American companies plan to operate in a post-pandemic workplace.

6/30/2021 4 in 10 small businesses will fire employees who refuse to return to office (WRAL Tech Wire)
“COVID-19 lockdowns didn’t create the move towards a remote workforce—it just accelerated the inevitable,” said Dennis Consorte, an employee of Digital.com that works with small businesses, in the analysis of the data. “Companies that focus on physical location and hours worked will be behind the curve. They should focus instead on the value produced by their extended teams. Otherwise, their most valued employees may seek out remote opportunities elsewhere.”

6/30/2021 4 out of 10 employers will fire employees for not returning to office, survey says (Caloosa Belle / South Central Florida Life)
Most employers cite decreased productivity and the need to perform job functions in person as major concerns “One critical takeaway from this survey is that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to post-pandemic workplace strategies,” says Digital’s small business expert Dennis Consorte. “Many business owners want mandatory in-person attendance. They need to get direct feedback from workers, mitigate fears about the virus, and demonstrate empathy about other concerns before making such an impactful decision.”

6/25/2021 Checklist To Create A Hybrid Work Environment Culture (Lighthouse Consulting Services)
My quote is at the end. The author advises companies on managing remote workforces and touches on culture, communication, strategy, management…

6/11/2021 Remote Workers Expand Options (Big Sky Business Journal)
In the field of digital marketing, I hire people outside of my city, and around the world all the time, depending on the skills I need…

6/01/2021 Aligning Marketing and Sales: Why It’s Important and How to Do It (Information Today)
One way to align goals is to measure success for both teams in terms of return on ad spend, or ROAS…

5/17/2021 7 Inspiring Post-COVID Marketing Ideas (+Real Examples!) (Wordstream)
A little-known secret is you can get great results in some industries by advertising on TikTok,” said Dennis Consorte…

3/25/2021 What Banning Surveillance Advertising Could Mean for Small Business (ValueWalk)
Banning things is never a good idea. What we need is transparency, so that adults can make decisions about how…

3/25/2021 How Small Businesses Can Save Big on 2021 Taxes (ValueWalk)
Over $5 trillion has been spent on Covid-relief programs. The money is geared towards funding small businesses, which means…

2/18/2021 Amazon bolsters e-commerce for small business with Selz buy (Tech Target)
Australian e-commerce platform Selz may have caught Amazon’s attention because it employs Liquid, Shopify’s template language, which will…

2/17/2021 Why Amazon Acquiring Selz Is Bad For Your Data (ValueWalk)
In the short term, Selz looks like a great ecommerce platform, and small business owners can do well with it. In the long term, your customer data is…

3/29/2013 ‘Promposals’ turn getting a prom date into creative challenge (Telegram) Interview about prom social media contest

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