Long Form Interviews With Dennis Consorte

6/20/2024 Rediscovering Purpose: Dennis Consorte’s Journey from Burnout to Bestseller (Wellness Voice) “Some studies report that more than half of all Americans have experienced burnout at work.”

6/18/2024 Marquis Who’s Who Honors Dennis Consorte for Expertise in Marketing and Entrepreneurship (Marquis Who’s Who, Press Release) I was accepted into the Marquis 78th edition of Who’s Who In America and will appear in the print edition in 2025.

6/18/2024 Navigating Burnout and Building Resilience: Insights from Dennis Consorte (Tekrati, Jerome Knyszewski) “Today, Dennis runs several mission-driven marketing enterprises, including Brand Boba, which specializes in publicity and branding, and Luminary Tiger, a book publishing company.”

6/17/2024 From Burnout to Bestselling Author: Dennis Consorte’s Path to Purpose-Driven Marketing (Valiant CEO, Jerome Knyszewski) “Engage your team by fostering an ‘ownership mindset’ and responsibility for their work.”

6/14/2024 Dennis Consorte, Digital Marketing & Leadership Consultant for Startups, Snackable Solutions (BusinessOwners.io) “I sold my first e-commerce business in the early 2000s. At the time, I was unhappy with my career in office administration. So…”

7/21/2023 Dennis Consorte talks about his book ‘Back After Burnout’ (Digital Journal) “I wanted other perspectives on burnout, and fresh ideas from experts on how to prioritize different elements of recovery. Each of the guest authors contributed one or two chapters to enhance the reader’s experience.”

7/21/2023 Dennis Consorte Discusses the Transformative Power of ‘Back After Burnout’ in Candid and Informative Interview (Silicon Valley Times) “As I became a better leader, I found my purpose expanding to include helping others find their purpose in life, too.”

7/20/2023 Exclusive Interview: Dennis Consorte Reveals What’s Behind His Latest New Book “Back After Burnout” (Lincoln Citizen, Nicole Choquette) “One of the first lessons in the book has to do with recognizing yourself and others as flawed human beings. Once you accept this fact, it becomes easier to build good habits to improve yourself.”

7/20/2023 In Conversation with Dennis Consorte: Unveiling the Details of “Back After Burnout” (Men’s Vanity, Liam Patrick Gallagher) “We work on improving the “symptoms” of burnout, and then we work to build good “habits” for sustained success.”

7/20/2023 Bestselling Author Dennis Consorte’s Latest Book “Back After Burnout” Explains How to Master Burnout Recovery (Hudson Weekly, Craig Richer) “I know how dark life can get when you’re in the middle of burnout. My hope is that I can serve as a fellow traveler for someone who needs me by their side, while they sort out their own recovery.”

10/4/2022 How to Overcome Burnout If You’re Thinking of Quiet Quitting (The Frisky, Wendy Stokes) “If you’re feeling fatigued, irritable, and find yourself frequently missing deadlines or delivering work that’s below your own standards, you could be experiencing professional burnout.”

5/3/2022 Small businesses are leaving themselves vulnerable to cyber attacks (Employee Benefit News / EBN, Paola Peralta) “Think about the threat of losing your customer base when you inevitably must share what happened — that your customers suddenly had their secure data exposed on the dark web.”

3/15/2022 Black Americans Have Mixed Feelings About Black History Promo (PPAI Media, Kristina Valdez) “No group is a monolith. The challenge is to recognize different trends and mindsets while also recognizing people as individuals. From my conversations with Black Americans who hold a variety of opinions, people tend to want to feel welcome, and they want to be treated with respect.”

1/31/2022 Dreaming of starting your own business? You’re not alone. (Crain’s Chicago Business, H. Lee Murphy) “If you’re working from home, your overhead is low and that makes the jump to starting up your own business easy. Technology has made it all possible.”

10/8/2021 5 Things You Need To Know To Create A Highly Successful E-commerce Business (Authority Magazine) In this interview and accompanying video, I share some of my background, and several tips for starting and running an ecommerce business. Although some of this touches on KPIs, marketing, and operations, my focus is on helping you to develop a great mindset.

10/26/2019 The Future of Digital Marketing: Interview with Dennis Consorte, CEO, Consorte Marketing (Tech Bullion) I talk about my background as a digital marketer, customer journeys, various digital marketing tactics, attribution models, and automation.

12/20/2013 Bicycle Steampunk Goggles deck. Playing Cards to get a close-up view (Max Playing Cards) Interview about a Kickstarter project

12/16/2013 Steam punk’d: New Hoboken company tinkers with fantasy (NJ.com) Interview about a Kickstarter project

12/15/2013 Steampunk playing cards by Dennis Consorte (World of Playing Cards) Interview about a Kickstarter project

12/2013 Kickstarter: 7 Questions with Dennis Consorte of Steampunk Goggles Playing Cards (Kardify) Interview about a Kickstarter project

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