12/14/2021 Surveillance is entering the workplace — even if your workplace is your home (Marketplace Tech & NPR, Jed Kim)

11/13/2021 Many remote workers are also working a 2nd job (WTOP, Jeff Clabaugh) “We need to change our mindsets to one that is more outcome driven and less output driven. And if they can create that value in fewer hours, as long as they are meeting expectations, it shouldn’t be a problem.” Listen to the Audio Clip Here

10/24/2021 Small Business, Burnout, CowboyCon & Michael Dante (Moab in Star Trek) (User Friendly / AM860 KPAM) Show with William Sikkens, Jeremy and Gretchen Winkler, and Steve Mehler. I talk about creating systems for start-ups and small businesses, conversion, and branding. All episodes

10/18/2021 Working Remotely? Your Boss May Still Be Looking Over Your Shoulder (WTOP) “There are no federal laws preventing monitoring or requiring notification. There is the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986, but that only covers hard-wired communications over telephones, and not really Internet communications.” Listen to the Audio Clip Here

9/11/2021 Napping? Watching TV? Survey finds unusual reasons people want to keep working from home (WTOP) “People have been depressed. They’ve been emotional-eating. They’re not exercising. They’re doing all the things they shouldn’t do” Listen to the Audio Clip Here

8/21/2021 The Psychology of Reading Online Reviews (WTOP)
“A lot of people who want to buy the product are going to be focusing on the five-star reviews, and those who are more hesitant are going to be looking at the one-star reviews.” Listen to the audio on WTOP here

8/10/2021 Run a small business without a website? Some still do (WTOP)
“You log into a website like Shopify or any other e-commerce platform and very easily you can go to a page that lists all of your orders. You just click through them. It tells you exactly what to ship and to whom to ship it. You press a button that says you’ve completed the order, and you’re done. That’s it.” Listen to the audio on WTOP here