Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work in 9 Industries

What’s in store for us when automation hits a tipping point? Many people are scared for their jobs. Don’t be. Accept that this is the future and lean into it. To make it, you will need to research your industry and think about what’s on the horizon. Then, think about the skills you can acquire over the next few years to future-proof yourself.

Recently, I wrote an article for Entrepreneur about AI-content and how to outrank it as a subject-matter expert or writer. The key was to highlight your experience, expertise, authority, and trust (EEAT) online. What we know today is that machine-generated content lacks the depth and experience that a human writer can provide. One way to show this is by including pictures in your content. AI-generated content is just one area where machine learning algorithms will flourish in the coming years. But you can use this example to think about your own industry, and what you can do to get ahead.

Read these expert insights about the future of work and how to get ahead.

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