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Ways to Drive Engagement on LinkedIn You'll Want to Try

9 Ways to Drive LinkedIn Engagement You’ll Want to Try

LinkedIn is a great way to build a professional platform for both your personal brand and the company’s online presence. Even though it’s a more professional social media platform, it still has that keyword in it: social.

If you happen to have the premium version of LinkedIn, then you might want to start tracking people who have engaged your posts in the past. Add them to a list in Sales Navigator and reciprocate whenever they put up new content. You’ll be surprised how many of them will continue to engage your content, too. Also, feel free to connect with me.

As with with every other social channel, you’ll want to drive quality engagement with your content. These nine business leaders and digital marketing professionals weigh in on some of the best practices to drive LinkedIn engagement that includes more likes, comments, shares, and other interactions with your posts.

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Sales presentation tips guaranteed to help you close mroe deals

8 Sales Presentation Tips Guaranteed to Help You Close More Deals

What is one unique sales presentation tip for something that you should always do to close more deals? We asked sales professionals and CEOs this question for their best tips. From providing positive statistics to portraying confidence, these tips are guaranteed to help you nail your sales pitch and drive more business.
Try these eight sales presentation tips guaranteed to help you close more deals:

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