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9 Ways to Create a Cohesive Culture for Remote Workers

The move towards a remote-first workforce was accelerated during the pandemic lockdowns. Many people were forced into a situation they didn’t know how to navigate. Some organizations adapted well, while others became fragmented. Some time ago, I interviewed Dr. Troy Hall, the author of Cohesion Culture: Proven Principles to Retain Your Top Talent. He’s one of the contributing authors of my book on burnout recovery. The interview, book, and my experience having worked remotely on and off for the past two decades keeps organizational cohesion top of mind for me, and I wanted to know more. So, I asked 9 start-up founders, team builders, and senior-level decision-makers how to create a cohesive culture for remote workers. Their answers are below.

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Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work in 9 Industries

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work in 9 Industries

What’s in store for us when automation hits a tipping point? Many people are scared for their jobs. Don’t be. Accept that this is the future and lean into it. To make it, you will need to research your industry and think about what’s on the horizon. Then, think about the skills you can acquire over the next few years to future-proof yourself.

Recently, I wrote an article for Entrepreneur about AI-content and how to outrank it as a subject-matter expert or writer. The key was to highlight your experience, expertise, authority, and trust (EEAT) online. What we know today is that machine-generated content lacks the depth and experience that a human writer can provide. One way to show this is by including pictures in your content. AI-generated content is just one area where machine learning algorithms will flourish in the coming years. But you can use this example to think about your own industry, and what you can do to get ahead.

Read these expert insights about the future of work and how to get ahead.

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6 Ways SEO and Publicity Teams Can Work Cross Functionally to Amplify Results

Often, different departments within an organization have overlapping goals. Within marketing, this happens a lot with search engine optimization (SEO), and publicity or public relations (PR). For example, you might have a data story or important press to share. SEO teams and publicity teams can work cross-functionally to promote that content to drive the brand as well as link-building, to get the most out of every piece of content. The PR team might send email pitches, and the SEO team might want certain things included in the request such as relevant pages to link to.

To help you discover ways for your SEO and publicity teams to work cross-functionally, we asked SEO, PR, and people leaders this question for their best recommendations. From starting with communication to having the teams work toward the same goals, there are several ways that these teams can work together and amplify each other’s results.

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Business Experts Weigh in on the Quiet Firing Trend

11 Business Experts Weigh in on the ‘Quiet Firing’ Trend

Shortly after “Quiet Quitting” took headlines by storm, “Quiet Firing” showed up in its wake. The former takes the side of the employee, where various factors such as COVID-related stress, burnout, and economic woes take their toll on the workforce leading them to choose to be less productive. The latter is the business side, where productivity is stifled from the top-down in order to make a person so miserable they willingly leave. But if employees are quietly quitting, why shouldn’t management participate in quietly firing these difficult workers?

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