How to Close a B2B Prospect When Competitors Promise the Moon

Often, sales people will over-sell in order to get a deal. They make promises they can’t keep, and trap clients with year-long contracts. This becomes a churn and burn strategy that just isn’t sustainable. Meanwhile, B2B service providers that are honest about expectations up front end up closing fewer deals because they are perceived as providing less value, based on their words. So the question is, how do you compete as an ethical B2B company?

The good news is that if you build a solid relationship with your prospect, they may come back to you after your competitor doesn’t follow through on their promises. However, you lose a lot of time under those circumstances, and your prospect loses trust in the services you provide. A better outcome is to get the deal.

From explaining to them why the competition can’t deliver to leaning into transparency, here are the 6 ways to close a B2B prospect when your competitors promise the moon.

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