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9 Ways to Create a Cohesive Culture for Remote Workers

The move towards a remote-first workforce was accelerated during the pandemic lockdowns. Many people were forced into a situation they didn’t know how to navigate. Some organizations adapted well, while others became fragmented. Some time ago, I interviewed Dr. Troy Hall, the author of Cohesion Culture: Proven Principles to Retain Your Top Talent. He’s one of the contributing authors of my book on burnout recovery. The interview, book, and my experience having worked remotely on and off for the past two decades keeps organizational cohesion top of mind for me, and I wanted to know more. So, I asked 9 start-up founders, team builders, and senior-level decision-makers how to create a cohesive culture for remote workers. Their answers are below.

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How Retail Investors Change Their Investments During a Recession

How 5 Retail Investors Think About Investing During a Recession

Recently, I ran a survey of 1000 retail investors to determine where their heads were at on the economy and earning extra cash with a side hustle. The results were astounding.

Many people believe we are in, or on the verge of, a recession. These are questionable times for investors, so it’s helpful to look into how some successful people are managing their own capital. We asked them, “How has the current economy shifted the way you invest?”

Of course, this is not financial advice. To help during these more frugal times, we asked what a few CEOs, founders, and other investors are doing, to see their thought process on investment shifts to deal with an uncertain future.

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14 Founder Morning Routines to Transform Your Life

14 Founder Morning Routines to Transform Your Life

I spend the first two hours of my morning preparing for the day ahead. This includes some light meditation, gratitude exercises while I make coffee, reviewing my calendar and prioritizing my tasks by urgency and importance. I then get my team started, and might have a client meeting. I’m on an extended weight-loss journey, so on most weekdays I go to the gym in the mid-morning where I listen to podcasts while doing cardio, and answer a few emails between weight-training sets. This is what works for me, and other founders, c-suite executives, and team leaders have morning routines that work for them.

To help you gain insight into the morning routines of founders, we asked successful entrepreneurs and founders how they start their days. From practicing 5-minute journaling to “Zenning out” in the morning, there are several different morning routines that these founders engage in to start their days off right and end feeling productive and content.

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