Back After Burnout

If you have obtained a copy of my best-selling book, Back After Burnout: Master your BURNOUT RECOVERY with the MASHPLAY™ framework, feel free to download and print the workbook pages below to enhance your experience.

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Organizational Tools

Personality Tests

If you’re on the verge of burnout, then it’s important to take steps towards recovery. Take a self-assessment of your personality type. This will give you indicators on which types of career paths are likely to lead to a life of purpose, happiness, and fulfillment. It’ll also show you what you might want to avoid. Try these personality tools and learn a bit about yourself.

Note that some of the tools below are not the official versions. However, they will provide similar outcomes, and they’re free.


Self-awareness is an important aspect of burnout recovery. Try some of the tools below, and keep in mind that any insights you get are just meant to inform you, not to serve as another barrier to your success.

  • Insight Quiz – This 5-minute quiz helps you to assess how you see yourself, and how others see you. It’s not perfect, as it takes input from you and one friend. So, choose the friend wisely and understand that they will be biased according to their specific relationship with you. For example, a spouse, coworker, lifelong friend or new acquaintance may each see you differently, and the quiz does not appear to update results with multiple inputs. The related book is worth a read.

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