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Tips for Pitching Investors That Aren't So Obvious

14 Tips for Pitching Investors That Aren’t So Obvious

Do you know when you should begin pitching investors? How about the three most important factors investors want to see in a pitch? A lot of the work that goes into finding investors lies in subtlety and knowing the not-so-obvious elements of pitching. If you’re out looking for quality investors to buy into your startup, here are 14 tips you might not have considered before, from financial experts and entrepreneurs themselves.

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Content Strategy Tips from Expert Marketers

15 Content Strategy Tips from Expert Marketers

Content is at the heart of every digital marketing strategy. It’s how we communicate ideas, build connections, and persuade people to consider our products and services. Some content is more experiential, such as what you might find in the Metaverse or other experiential environments. Other content comes in audio, video formats. But it all begins with an understanding of the basics of communication and storytelling. With that in mind, this expert roundup focuses on articles, landing pages, and other forms of content that tend to be more text-oriented.

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, content is key to building a successful online presence. To help you select the best topics and keywords for your new website, we asked marketing and growth leaders for their insights.

From using Google’s Keyword Planner to mapping out a customer journey, there are many great tips to drive a content strategy that will help you reach your target audience.

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How Retail Investors Change Their Investments During a Recession

How 5 Retail Investors Think About Investing During a Recession

Recently, I ran a survey of 1000 retail investors to determine where their heads were at on the economy and earning extra cash with a side hustle. The results were astounding.

Many people believe we are in, or on the verge of, a recession. These are questionable times for investors, so it’s helpful to look into how some successful people are managing their own capital. We asked them, “How has the current economy shifted the way you invest?”

Of course, this is not financial advice. To help during these more frugal times, we asked what a few CEOs, founders, and other investors are doing, to see their thought process on investment shifts to deal with an uncertain future.

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9 Burnout Recovery Tips and Stories

9 Burnout Recovery Tips and Stories

Many people face burnout throughout their careers. Over the last 25+ years, I’ve burned out, overcame burnout, and prevented burnout from happening when I recognized the signs. This is such an important topic that I wrote a book about burnout recovery, which will be released soon.

To help you find ways to overcome burnout in your professional life, we asked working professionals and business leaders about their experiences and advice. There are several burnout recovery tips and stories shared to demonstrate what steps you could take to lift yourself up and overcome this problem in your own life.

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Ways to Drive Engagement on LinkedIn You'll Want to Try

9 Ways to Drive LinkedIn Engagement You’ll Want to Try

LinkedIn is a great way to build a professional platform for both your personal brand and the company’s online presence. Even though it’s a more professional social media platform, it still has that keyword in it: social.

If you happen to have the premium version of LinkedIn, then you might want to start tracking people who have engaged your posts in the past. Add them to a list in Sales Navigator and reciprocate whenever they put up new content. You’ll be surprised how many of them will continue to engage your content, too. Also, feel free to connect with me.

As with with every other social channel, you’ll want to drive quality engagement with your content. These nine business leaders and digital marketing professionals weigh in on some of the best practices to drive LinkedIn engagement that includes more likes, comments, shares, and other interactions with your posts.

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6 Ways SEO and Publicity Teams Can Work Cross Functionally to Amplify Results

Often, different departments within an organization have overlapping goals. Within marketing, this happens a lot with search engine optimization (SEO), and publicity or public relations (PR). For example, you might have a data story or important press to share. SEO teams and publicity teams can work cross-functionally to promote that content to drive the brand as well as link-building, to get the most out of every piece of content.

To help you discover ways for your SEO and publicity teams to work cross-functionally, we asked SEO, PR, and people leaders this question for their best recommendations. From starting with communication to having the teams work toward the same goals, there are several ways that these teams can work together and amplify each other’s results.

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11 Entrepreneur Wellness Tips for People Who Lead Busy Lives

11 Entrepreneur Wellness Tips for People Who Lead Busy Lives

Many people believe that running a business isn’t for everyone. It often requires long hours and a constant hustle to keep existing customers happy while bringing new ones into the fold. However, some basic wellness activities can make ownership accessible to more people. For example, workcations help me to cope with the daily grind of finding and maintaining new and existing digital marketing clients. There are other activities you can try to keep from burning out, too.

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Business Experts Weigh in on the Quiet Firing Trend

11 Business Experts Weigh in on the ‘Quiet Firing’ Trend

Shortly after “Quiet Quitting” took headlines by storm, “Quiet Firing” showed up in its wake. The former takes the side of the employee, where various factors such as COVID-related stress, burnout, and economic woes take their toll on the workforce leading them to choose to be less productive. The latter is the business side, where productivity is stifled from the top-down in order to make a person so miserable they willingly leave. But if employees are quietly quitting, why shouldn’t management participate in quietly firing these difficult workers?

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