YAM Storytelling™ Framework

The YAM Storytelling™ Framework

The YAM Storytelling framework was developed by Dennis Consorte as a simple way to structure content for the media. Over the last two decades, he refined the framework to drive content creation for media interviews and storytelling. Many publicists will give you talking points for your interviews. Many communication trainers will help you shape how you deliver that message. We take it to the next level by embedding the YAM Storytelling framework into all of the content we create, all of the marketing strategies we use to capture media attention, and all of the media training we offer to our clients.

This is the winning formula for interviews, articles, and other newsworthy content. YAM stands for:

  • You – What you care about
  • Audience – What the audience cares about
  • Media – What the media cares about
YAM Storytelling™ Framework: Venn Diagram


Publicists always tell you to come up with talking points, and they’re right. You want to focus any story or interview on the key points you want people to remember. These are things that are important to you, your company or organization, or the community you represent.


The audience includes people who watch you on TV or a podcast, read about you, or see your quotes in blogs, magazines, newspapers, or experience your content through any other form of content. Whenever you provide quotes or interviews, you must be sure to include information that the audience cares about (or at least will want to talk about). This is how you connect with them, and provide them with something they will want to amplify in some way. It doesn’t mean that you necessarily share their opinion on a topic. You may completely disagree. But if you talk about it in an engaging way, they will listen, and they will amplify your voice.


The media is the news outlet or publication that publishes your interview or quotes. This includes the news organization itself, as well as the journalist and others involved in covering the story. It even includes the booker who serves as the gatekeeper for a TV show or podcast. When you build your story, you must do so in such a way that the media finds it compelling and worthy of their coverage. This often aligns with what the audience cares about, but sometimes it may diverge. It’s your job to determine what the media cares about, and deliver on that. That’s how you will get your pitch accepted, and that’s how you’ll be invited back for another segment.

Apply the YAM Storytelling Methodology

Hit on all three points of the YAM Storytelling framework and you will likely improve your success with media hits. This method is time-tested and effective for getting press coverage. The next time you want an interview, think about how you can apply it to the way you pitch your next story or interview and report back on how it goes. This is what we believe to be the best structure for success. If you want the secret sauce, then work with us directly and we’ll fill in the blanks.

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