Cryptocurrency Marketing Tips for a Bear Market
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7 Cryptocurrency Marketing Tips for a Bear Market

Crypto has been in a bear market for a while. While it may take a long time for the market to recover, marketing must continue. Blockchain, crypto, and web3 organizations (decentralized or not) need to build their audiences like any other company or project. So, how do you do it? Try these cryptocurrency marketing tips from seven experts.

Promote Job Payments in Crypto

The bear market is never kind to traders. It’s a market traditionally defined as a period of negative returns. The positive aspect of this market is that it provides some incredible opportunities to make profits, only if you know how to use them. It’s a market ruled by the assumption of waiting or holding until prospects turn around. Promoting hiring and offering remuneration in crypto is an effective way to promote cryptocurrency since the crypto demand will go up and turn the tide of the bear market. This ensures that hoddling pays off for both the organization and the employee.

Yongming Song, CEO, Live Poll for Slides

Yongming Song, CEO, Live Poll for Slides
Yongming Song, CEO, Live Poll for Slides

Focus on Long Term Benefits

One effective way to promote a cryptocurrency project as a marketer during a bear market is to focus on the long-term potential and use cases of the project rather than short-term price movements. This can help to build trust and confidence among potential investors and can also help to differentiate the project from others in the market.

Additionally, it may be helpful to highlight any partnerships or collaborations that the project has formed, as well as any significant achievements or milestones that have been reached. It may also be useful to provide educational resources and information about the project to help potential investors better understand its value proposition and unique features.

Wojtek Maciejewski, bdm, COINPAPRIKA

Build Now and Collect Later

They say that bear markets are for builders. As an SEO consultant for crypto and web3 organizations, I absolutely notice this “building period”. Search engine optimization is not something that nets you results in a single day. SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. And many of my clients are focusing on creating the right content, the most informative infographics, and optimizing their page speed. All of this is to be ready by the time the market picks up again. It might not help them today, but it’s all about building a strong foundation for the payoff a couple of months from now.

Josien Nation, Freelance SEO Specialist, Freelance SEO Specialist – Josien Nation

Josien Nation, Freelance SEO Specialist, Freelance SEO Specialist - Josien Nation
Josien Nation, Freelance SEO Specialist, Freelance SEO Specialist – Josien Nation

Build a Strong Community on Reddit

As a marketer looking to promote a cryptocurrency project during a bear market, one of the most effective ways is to focus on educational content. By actively engaging and advertising in crypto-related communities such as Reddit, marketers can actively answer questions related to their project’s specifics and use this platform to fill potential users in about why their projects are different from other coins, what makes them unique, and why people should take an interest in them.

Not only does this help promote their coin more broadly, but it’ll also create genuine relationships with the public and may even lead to organic growth. Strong communities can make that project explode in growth, even in the bear market. In addition, if the market starts to pick up again—which tends to happen sooner than later—those who were made aware of the project through these sources will be more likely to invest.

Tomasz Bartczak, Marketing Specialist, PhotoAiD

Have Influencers Promote Your Project

It’s sad to say that not everyone understands how crypto markets work, with all of the graphs, trading volume metrics, and the BMI index, these unique markets are a mystery to novice and perhaps even seasoned crypto holders and traders. More often than not, people will ride a trend to earn a quick profit off of crypto. We see this happening all the time.

For example, a certain crypto skyrockets its price at an all-time high, and you’ll see YouTube suggested videos bombarded with influencers promoting that coin and even NFTs. However, in a bear market, we still see influencers promoting cryptocurrencies  (e.g. Jake Paul) by building on buying confidence of potential traders. Establishing a notion of a stable coin will entice traders to buy-in, regardless of whether or not we’re in a bear market.

Kenneth Pangan, Content Writer, Clark Staff

Make Investors Realize It’s a Safe Investment

We’ve always acknowledged that cryptocurrencies are not regulated enough. More investor protections related to crypto need to be passed by Congress and that has never been more apparent since the FTX collapse. However, by every metric, crypto investments are safer than traditional banking. Crypto is becoming more mainstream because more people are getting wise to that fact.

Additionally, regulations are imminent. They’ve already begun in Europe and many of those same principles will be used here. Crypto is not only safe—it’s safer than the alternative with more safety nets about to be added. And these nets will remain regardless of whether we’re in a bull or bear market.

John Sarson, CEO, Sarson Funds

Attend In-Person Web3 Events

In an industry where almost everything is done remotely, in-person events can be a vital way to build trust by putting a face behind your project. It also helps to have a detailed business plan or marketing platform to show to prospective investors. The crypto market is like the stock market—it will always have ups and downs. Your project and your ability to adapt to changing circumstances will cause people to want to work with you.

Gary Paull Jr., CEO, Gauss Gang